Maximize iPhone Battery Life using Cydia Tweaks

These Cydia tweaks will handle all the apps and settings control and improve battery life for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch…

Last week my iPhone battery performance was suck. Actually, I had tested a lot of Cydia apps and hacks on my iPhone 4S that runs on iOS 6.1.3 last week. Thanks to my iPhone 5S that save me several ways on the go. I have two iPhones. I used iPhone 4S to test various Cydia tweaks, hacks and jailbreak, while iPhone 5S is fresh and helps me in my daily life.

You can apply a few simple tips to extend iDevice battery life that has been proved by my recent test. My iPhone 5 Battery life is better than 4S. No doubt, Apple has made some changes in iPhone 5S battery.

One out of three iPhone users having issues regarding battery life. With a full battery charging, you can hardly manage 24 hours. Most of us have to reach at home either with low battery or with switch off condition. Its common for all iDevice owner, whether you have iPod touch or iPad Air or iPad Mini.

iPhone 5S battery Life

I have tested a few things on my iPad Mini Settings and got a significant positive change in battery life. It includes change in brightness, turn off automatic updates, apps refresh and online activity through 3G and WiFi. However, you can’t turn of all the settings all the way.

If you have jailbroken iDevice, you can control all these things using Cydia tweak. I have picked up best Cydia tweaks that can manage all these things and optimize your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to get best battery life.

Try these tweaks to increase iPhone Battery Time

1 BatteryDoctorPro: It is available in Cydia Store at free of cost under BigBoss repo that has been developed by Kingsoft Security. It monitors all the essential settings and optimize the performance, so that you can get maximum battery life.

2 360 Battery Saver Pro: This is another Cydia tweak that claims to save a significant battery charging by configuring minimal settings and reduce unused apps. It has many features. Take  a look at battery saver pro…

  • It has 5 Power saver mode built-in with this tweak, you can create your own profile to optimize your iPhone battery performance.
  • Settings for shut down apps that are consuming battery charging a lot.
  • It create a battery status icon on status bar.
  • You can find out the apps that which application is consuming most of your battery charging.
  • Full battery charging logs and details about it.


All jailbroken iOS device can use above tweaks to get some good performance from your battery, but if you don’t have jailbroken iOS device, try to follow below tips.

  1. Try to turn of apps update notifications as it consume most of your battery charging.
  2. Try to put WiFi and 3G connection at offline mode as it also consume your battery power.
  3. When you are not using your iPhone or listening music, put your iPhone at Sleep mode. It can save huge battery consumption.
  4. Try to use low brightness.

Have you any other trick to save iPhone battery life? Share it with us…

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  1. tuan phuong tran says:

    Hey, Could u show me hơ to active “SleepMode” for iPhone?

  2. Timothy says:

    I have iPad Air that runs on iOS 10 Beta, I was great when I purchased it, but when I upgraded it to iOS 10, it’s battery performance getting worse and worse.
    I wanna help for two ways, should I downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 10 or start using these Cydia tweaks?

    • Gyle says:

      Can I help you Timothy?
      First you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS 10 beta and second thing, you can’t install tweaks without jailbreak it. You have to wait for iPad Air Jailbreak tool. Most probably evad3rs will release evasion for iPad Air and iPad Mini.

  3. Gavin says:

    How can I maximize battery life in my MacBook pro?

  4. jayden says:

    My iPhone battery life is getting worse and worse. But, I tried all above tips and tricks even tweaks too and now battery stays for a one and half day.

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