iAPFree iOS 10.2 – Get In-App Purchase for Free – Compatibility List

iAPFree offers free in app purchases using Cydia tweak for iPhone, iPad…
Previously, we have discussed on iAP Patcher that also works similarly. Actually, all the apps have different methods to connect Apple server.

Some app works for some applications and others do the same for other. If you want any app, you have no option other than try. LocaliAPstore is also one of the best in-app purchase cracker.

iAPFree comes handy where other apps don’t work. I have seen a common issue that if you are looking for any game or app that is subscription based, in most of the case, you won’t install that app using these apps specially with iAPFree.

So, how to use these apps and what is the list of apps that are working with these hacks? This is what, we will discuss today.

How to Use iAPFree

First thing is Jailbreaking. You must have jailbroken iOS device to install and use iAPFree. Second thing is Cydia, without it you won’t be able to install even a single app.

So, if you have jailbroken iOS, then you can proceed to next step otherwise jailbreak it. PanGu is the perfect tool to jailbreak any iOS 10.2 firmware. But, if you have older firmware such as iOS 9, then use PanGu.


1 First of all, add iAPfree repo to Cydia. Tap on “Manage” and then “Sources”, and “Edit” and finally tap on “Add”. Enter http://cydia.crazydoraemon.com in the box and finish it.

2 Now search “iAPfree” in that Cydia Repo section and install it. Install “Core Plugin” too. If you won’t install core plugin, without it other plugins also don’t work.

3 Once you have installed both of above apps in your iDevice, you are ready to use this app. Run iAPFree app in the background and enable toggle from it’s setting menu.

Finally, open in-app app and try to buy any paid app or game, it will directly redirect you to installation page, it means this app is working. Otherwise try another one.

Note: Before dying into purchase page, disable SBSettings’s toggle and installous alternative apps. Make sure that you didn’t installed iAP Patcher or LocaliAPstore and if you have installed them, just remove metadata or whole installation.

Compatibility List

It is not possible to give exact list of games and apps that are working with this hack, however, there are a few of apps that are tested with iAPFree are listed below…

  • Urban Crime
  • Six-Guns
  • GT Racing
  • Infinity Blade 2
  • Japan Life
  • Pinball Arcade
  • Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2012

Most of these games from Gameloft that is famous game developers. You can post a list of compatible apps that are working this tweak. I would like to see your comments.


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  1. I recently discovered that iAPFree core plugin is must to run this app smoothly. Using core plugin, it works on Candy crush and clash of clan too

    1. When I pressed on an inapp purchas on clash of clans, the app just crashed and I didn’t get my gems. How did it work for you?

      1. In my opinion,most of the games are not working with IAP free now a days because there isn’t any update for the new versions. So, I think there should be new jailbreak

  2. Iapfree on iOS 10 not working..only pop ups a apple id login, when i cancel still nothing happens..worthless jb for my ipad 2 now.

  3. I got a registered UDID and I’m a nub. I don’t know what to do with it or how to use it. I was trying to side load apps without jailbreak. Please help I’m dumb

    1. iAPFree is not a active Cydia hack, Better to try iAPCrazy rather than iAP Free. The plugin for this is not updated for a while

    1. You’re right, but the core plugin is not updated for a long time and iAP Crazy is the right choice at the moment
      Try to search the blog for latest updates about iAP

  4. When I get the source there is only one Package and its something called GenaBag??? All of the info is in Chinese but it does say somewhere iAPfree in english but all I get from downloading it is a app that has a character face and it has nothing to do about iAPfree! Can anyone relate?

  5. Local iap and Iap standalone work well together for candy crush , smashed the game in less than a week without paying , must have used at least £5000 worth of iap cracking to do it lol

    1. I didn’t get free with local iap store..please give me some hints to get booster for free?and also in ios app flikes.

  6. Addition to previous comment.

    I have another IPhone 5 in that it works but in iPhone 5s it keeps asking for appleID’s password.

      1. I’m having same thing but it just says purchase cancelled and doesn’t work and I know the app I’m using it for works with Iappfree as I used it on my pad before it broke.
        Using IPad 2 iOS 9.0.2 pangu jb
        Any help would be great thanks

  7. How do you get the Simpsons tapped out core plug in for 7.0.6? I keep trying all these different techniques but I guess I am doing it wrong. If anyone has directions on how to do it, please answer me 🙂 I just want a lot of donuts haha

    1. I have installed urban crime iOS 10 on my iPad air and unlocked couple of stages with iAPFree
      I wanna know that if I upgrade to iOS 9.3.1, will this app work?

  8. It does work on SAS: ZA 3. It didn’t ask for the Apple password, and it gave me the extra rank, so I guess it worked.

      1. I do not know what you mean. The only app I tried it with was SAS: ZA 3. I deleted it afterwards because I felt bad for the developers of the app.

          1. Yeah, if I were a developer I would like for people to actually pay for the IAP. I actually paid over
            $10 on the app’s in app purchases before I got iApFree. However, I still felt bad after not paying for one of them.

            1. I paid 30 yesterday and over 60 for the week. I haven’t got mine working yet but I do feel justified. I have over 1100 games on my phone and i have put a lot of money out towards supporting devs over the years.

  9. how do you ensure that you didn’t actually make a purchase? Like for instance I downloaded iAPfree and went into Candy Crush and “purchased” something, It went through and I didn’t have to put in my apple password so does that mean is worked? I just don’t want to keep using it and then end up getting a very large bill..

    1. if you get the version which is supported by iAPFree iOS 10, surely it would work for free without wasting single penny

    1. It doesn’t work on every game but it works on a good bit. If it doesn’t work try getting firewall ip in cydia and respring after you download it and it helps to get a lot of games to work.

  10. Im using 3rd gen. Ipad. iapfree is working good, but my friend’s ipad mini retina display, iap free cannot working. But what installed in his cydia exactly all same with mine. Why?

  11. we need a repo that bypasses the updated security that most apps have now, iapfree works on some apps that I like, but there needs to be added compatibility with other apps if poss

    1. You just did the worlds biggest misstake, iOS 9.1.x and beta 4 and above WILL patch the jailbreak, unless you have another device your jailbreak year is destroyed. I’m sorry:(

    1. Crime City is sever sided so when you buy something instead of the purchase being handled on ur idevice, it’s sent to a server and it checks to see if the funds where provided.. There’s a Source called iModGame.. for Crime City it doesn’t do in app purchases, but it gives you unlimited energy. For a better gaming experience, I’d recommend going that route with a lot of games now days, and iModGame is compatible and has Modifications for a bundle of games.

  12. I have iPhone 4S and the list I can confirm is:

    Family feud
    Candy crush
    Are you smarter then a 5th grader
    Odd socks
    YDKJ (You don’t know jack)
    Ship wrecked
    Diner dash
    Happy chef

    But can someone email with more games if possible? Thanks so much!! Mya54321@yahoo.com

  13. won’t let me install the core plugin keep saying plugin server currently under maintenance is there anyway around this

  14. Installed with iAPFree 2.1.0 and it Works for below games

    kingdom of camelot

    Clash of clans

    Final Fantasy All The Bravest

    Angry Birds Star Wars

    The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

  15. frey i am unable to get this to work on asphalt 8. I am in no way saying it doesnt work as much as im saying im probably doing something wrong. any ideas?

  16. After getting Cydia substrate, it worked. Oh my god, I Free a few top games from app store. The first ever in app cracker worked with 8.1
    thanks man, now i can test before purchase

  17. Hello everybody! I just jailbroke my iPhone 5 (iOS 9.1) and I want to use iAPFree. I downloaded, installed it and everything was good. But when I click more plugins (to install the core plugin) it doesn’t find ANY plugins. Can you please help me?

    Best wishes, iNeedHelp 🙂
    Happy X-Mas everyone!

  18. Can veryfy (sadly) that iapfree dose NOT work on iPhone 4S 8.1 jailbrak ,just tested it and the normal apple veryfy logo came up, I did press the “unlocker” idk if that’s good or not

  19. iapfree is fully compatible for iOS 10 and it seems like it can be used to download a lot of app store apps free of cost.
    i’m gonna add iap free repo source to my jailbreak iphone
    thanks for the info

  20. iAPfree is not working on my iPhone 4S (iOS 10 Jailbreak)
    When I try to download any app, it redirects me to buy and price page rather than download as you mentioned above.
    However, I found that it works just fine in couple of apps and games. How to get fully functional in-app purchase cracker for Apple app store?

  21. fantasy town please i love that game but always get stuck me and my friends would all really appreciate it if you could crack it thank you
    iOS iOS 9.1

  22. There are games that need internet connection in order to do in-app purchases, would it still be free as long as it doesn’t ask for my apple id and password? Thanks! And when a game crashes it means it is not compatible, right? Thanks again

  23. There would be games that need internet connection to view the in-app purchase choices, in this instance is it still free as long as there is no itunes log-in?

  24. I have install the iAp free. I DL zenonia 3. I try the in app purchase of the 3000 zen. I got the 3k zens without prompting the confirm purchase from apps store. But before I play the game, I have enter my apple ID AND PW for registration. Do u think the iAp free works? Or it didn’t work?
    Help me pls…
    on iOS 9.1

  25. really cool tweak love it cannot live without it i use it everyday. it also works on snooker club and that new game tree land also the call of mini zombies and the last stand. awesome!!!

    1. Go to the Changes tab in Cydia. In the top left corner youll see a button called “Refresh”. Click that and once that is done retry the installation.

  26. I was really looking forward to playing surviving high school but it won’t work ): it says something about the purchase was not successful due to a user cancelation. HELP PLEASE ):

  27. Hi, Working good for Ghost Trick, Infinity Gene, iStunt 2, Zenonia 4 , And JetPack Joyride. (Buy in ITunes)

    Could you add Car Club Tuning Storm Please ? Thanks =)

    1. It doesnt “add” apps. It is dependent on how the in app purchase communicates with Apple Servers. If it asks for your Apple ID when you go to purchase it WILL charge and there is no way around it. Youll just have to pay legit or pray they go to a different form of in app purchasing.

  28. Just giving you a heads up ALL gamevil games will ban your iDevice from every gamevil game if you attempt to buy IAP free in thier games, and all online games do not work((games that need internet to start)Dragonvale,iMobsters, farm games, etc) please post this in your cydia details and this posts desc and app list, hope it reduces the amount of people complaining about online games not working.

  29. Ok, it’s amazing and it works even better than a dream but…just a question: isn’t possible that when i will add a valid credit card i will got all that stuff to pay at once?
    iOS 9

  30. I have followed each and every single steps that you have mentioned Edward.
    I’d jailbroken iPhone 4 with evasion and installed Cydia. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in iapfree repo. Actually, I added it without http://
    However, in a second try I added correct repo source and install this awesome app.
    I launched it and put it in background. Enabled toggled and all other relative steps successfully.
    Bingo! It Free up a top app for that I have to pay at least $5.99
    I got it at free

  31. I looks like you’ve made any mistake in above steps, because I’ve also iPad 3 that runs on iOS 6 and iapfree is just working fine.
    Why you don’t try iAP Patcher or LocaliAPstore? They are good alternatives it.
    hope this is helpful

  32. I have tried a few of apps using iapfree. I have iPhone 4 that runs on iOS 9
    As Edward has explain, it seems like subscription based packages don’t work.
    If you wanna compatible list then search for it on Google.

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