Installing Cracked Apps without Jailbreak for Free

25PP, Zeusmos, ihelper, iFunBox, Apptrackr.ORG etc allow you to install Free apps for free even without jailbreak or Cydia.

If you have recently purchased a new iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air, iPad Mini or any iDevice that has brand new iOS that hasn’t been jailbroken yet or upgraded your old jailbroken firmware to the latest one, you don’t have an option except installing Free apps without jailbreak or Cydia specially when JB tool isn’t released.

Normally Apple doesn’t allow installing Free apps on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, it becomes more hard, if you haven’t jailbroken your iOS. Thanks to some tools that work without jailbreak or Cydia. However, it depends on Free app that works or not without Cydia, because most of the applications are based on Cydia and don’t work without Cydia.

Get Cydia from OpenAppMKT: I have covered an article that help you getting Cydia without jailbreak your iOS. This will give you some relief, if you couldn’t jailbreak your new iOS. I will recommend to read whole article, before trying any application.

Utilities to get free Free applications

Anyways, here are the tools that I would recommend installing, to get Free applications and try before purchase…
1 Zeusmos


Get Latest Jailbreak & Cydia Apps for Free

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Zeusmos is the best application that works even without jailbreak. It allows user to install iPA files. It also available on iOS in form of Cydia app. If you wanna download and install pirate iOS apps without jailbreak, Zeusmos iOS app is for you.

2 iFunBox

iFunBox - This works great installing Free applications without Cydia or jailbreak

iFunBox is the best iTunes alternative. I personally have been using it to manage iPA files for my iPhone. It can manage all iPA files, whether it is Free or free iOS app. It simply removes all the restrictions and limitations in installing Free apps.

3 HipStore

HipStore - Works without Jailbreak

HipStore is available for both desktop and iOS. User can use desktop version to view, install and remove iOS applications. However, iOS app works only with Cydia, so, you can’t use it without jailbreaking your iOS. Desktop version is good alternative for iTunes that allows getting free apps.


There are other tools like 25pp, Apptrackr.ORG work great on desktop PC to manage Free iPA files, however, I will prefer to use above three, before these.

  • Yash

    How to instal paid apps without jailbreak
    Iphone 5s ios 9.0.2

    • Erik

      Vshare is your answer. Download it free

  • andre

    Guy do not Jailbrreak your device it will make it slow I did that to my iPhone 4 running on IOS 7.1

    It was slow at fu** for real trust me

    • Raekwon

      sir i have jailbroken my sisters iphone 4 running ios 7.1 and its fine. Ive jailbroken my ipad, and my iphone 5c which is also fine. Its probably just your iphone.

      • vasa

        i have jalbroken my ipad 2, ipod touch 5 and 4, iphone 5S and its fine too

        • Youssef

          Vasa if you jailbreaked your iPad 2 for free can you tell me I am searching for an jailbreak for iPad 2 for like an year

  • Brian Liu

    If i already jailbroken my iPhone 5, can i jailbreak it again after i factory reset?

    • 44Jinny44

      well, it depends on what iOS version you are running right now.
      If there is a jailbreak for the iOS version, yes, if not, no.

  • k

    na nothing will might get apps installed but immediately on startup a pop-up will appear asking for apple id and password.then it will simply have to jailbreak or PAY 😀

    • Helper

      You are absolutely right, without jailbreak, we can’t install any Free apps on iPad air or mini

  • jak

    Guys after jailbreak!! my iPad air became so slow…and geek bench scores 1970(MC) ….do any one face this issues?…..pls help me

    • Helper

      I think you should avoid all unused tweaks and Free apps on your iPad air. Additionally, keep your brightness lower

  • Mathias

    Hi i got a problem when i trype in the code, i get to a russian website or some sh*t help?

  • Guest

    how can i install jailbreak Free apps without jailbreak? iphone 5s iOS 9.1

  • Carl Frederick

    With so many apps having a free version to try before you buy, and so many apps costing a couple dollars, let’s pay for them … It’s the right thing to do and encourages more to be developed

    • Adam

      I’m totally agree with Carl. yes let’s encourages them. support them..and pay for my apps. yes Carl you are the best man.

  • Rekrul

    You mean that people can install apps without Apple’s approval??? I’m in shock! Apple needs to put a stop to this right away! I mean, just imagine a world where people can install whatever they want on their iPhone/iPad without Apple being able to control it! Before you know it, there will be sites all over the net offering apps and games, and Apple won’t get a cut of any of them! They need to lock this down immediately! Only Apple should be able to distribute apps for their devices! Apple knows what’s best for you! Obey Apple!

    • Roca

      Your iOS device will become shit, if they locked it… Apple doesnt get any cut for the sales of these apps.

      • acor

        apple gets %30

    • lcx

      What’s the point in having a phone if you can’t do what you want with the phone at your own free will you paid for it. and you should be able to have freedom to hack your device so f@#k off

      • Mr. Anderson.

        You mean like an Android, get one of those.

  • Guest

    What about iOS 9.1? Can I install it without jailbreak my iOS 9.1
    I haven’t any Cydia app on my iPhone 5S

  • Sam

    Amazing how people try and defend this garbage. Even though their are more Android devices out there, the app market (especially games) isn’t nearly to iOS’s level because no one pays for anything on Android. If the same thing happens to iOS, say goodbye. VERY few developers are getting rich off these apps. Margins are thin. Any loss in revenue could kill them off.

    • Nick

      The reason developers are so comfortable developing for apple devices over android is because it is more difficult to pirate, due to the limited nature of access to the operating system. The phones are also protected against malware and viruses, because of this.

      I like the freedom of being able to install what I want, how I want it, but I’m more concerned about developers getting their fair share so they can continue to make the apps I know and love so damn much

      If you don’t like it, then don’t buy an apple device. It’s that simple. These arguments over not being able to do “what you want” with an apple device are now pointlessly stupid. By now, you know the scores, you know the system. It’s never changed, and is akin to being upset that you can’t upgrade the memory and disk space on an iPad.

  • Brody Avery

    The interesting part is when you have a non-jailbroken i-device, like my iPad mini. In this case the only way to go is through Instasign.

  • Eric Griffiths

    Its already been proven over and over that piracy doesn’t take a significant amount of money away from anyone. Many users who use pirated software would have never bought that piece of software in the first place, so no money loss for the dev in the first place. And many other users do use it at as a “try before you buy”. Not everyone is fortunate enough to just throw money down on something to find out it wasn’t what they wanted, especially when we obviously have something you cant relate to, families who depend on us. If you would have trouble sleeping at night because you have a Free version of Angry Birds then really it’s time to get off your fake “moral” high horse and get a life, most normal people have real issues they have to worry about in life, not this silliness.

    • Chris

      Just like the debs who you’re robbing!

      • You idiot


  • jackie

    Get paid apps for free without jailbreak with 25pp

    • Monocan

      You mean, I can install Free iPA apps on my iOS 9.1 without jailbreak or Cydia?
      Are you crazy or developer?

    • Dan

      Sure until your phone locks up and it won’t work Dead phone can’t be repaired, and they view all what’s on your phone

      • Gibson

        it’s better to jailbreak rather

  • Katherine

    Apple for some money, is it not the ‘app developers’ that keep people interested in that piece of horse dung called iOS. You cannot customize the user interface, you cannot even use the darn thing without giving these spy monkeys all your details. I cannot wait until Apple goes out of business. Knowledge, the Internet, was created to give knowledge to the world and bring humankind closer together. These greedy pigs charge a fortune for a device and then they clean you out for some small apps. Really? Then, you get some dood who wants to be ‘hip’ who saves up to buy a ipad/iphone, once he actually manages to get enough to purchase the device, he is so excited, but hey, guess what, crapple tells him, “Sorry buddy, you must now pay some more in order to actually use this device.” Then they inform him/her, “Please sign here…you may have bought the device but sorry, we still own it, so, unfortunately you will have to give us your soul, your privacy and whatever is left, we will take that as well.”

    I say this is total nonsense, have you fat greedy pigs not made enough money, not eaten enough macdonalds or pushed your child labor in developing countries enough already? Get this through your thick skulls, “You ARE going to FAIL as a sneaky corporation, people ARE going to see through your controlling gestapo tactics, ANDROID is overtaking you and soon, very soon, those fat greedy pigs who lock us out of our own hard won devices, YOU will be the ones begging for work at the street corners and praying someone cracks an app for you so you can learn more about your world.

    Pay the developers from the MASSIVE profits you rake in from selling the hardware, without them, you would not sell even 1 device, and there is more than enough pie to go around. Stop being greedy. Man, what an awesome world it would be without greedy pigs, to share knowledge with an excitement about apps, about the next device, the next operating system, sharing with one another how we can customize our devices. Screw all you crapple greedy pigs, I am giving my ipad away to some dood on the street, maybe he can use it as toilet paper and then I will get myself something with android, heck, even windows 8 OS is more desirable at this stage. What a world man, what a world. You have upset me greatly with your closed system, it reminds me of Natzi Germany or even Soviet Russia. I hope China cashes in all their bonds and you have to eat your ipads to survive. I mean, really, ‘iPad’, the name just struck me, it is like something Dracula will say he uses once a month when it is that time.

    • Michael Edward

      I think, you are being serious

      • Katherine

        And the apple sheep continue to bleat to the same corrupt Capitalistic Constrained Fat arse Americanized B.S. Sheesh, there are calculators that are easier to use than apple products. At least they don’t charge you for every numeral you press. And while the fat cats sit in their Billion dollar pent houses gorging themselves on Mac Donalds, the child laborers slave away producing products that are over priced, highly controlled and closed sphincter-ed, the oh so trendy crapple sheep are herded by the mass media which infects their very essence and takes from them a freedom that their own forefathers fought so hard to maintain.
        Apple as a corporation, as an entity, as a mechanism for spying and gestapo like control, makes me sick to my gut and I am certain that if apple had to close their doors the world as we know it would be a happier place where freedom of knowledge and paying so called ‘developers’ from the vast revenue generated through hardware sales, would be commonplace. You disgust me apple and I consider every single 8 year old that hacks through your pathetic archaic ring of price fixing evil, an absolute hero and one who fights against the oppressors of our age. Live free or die trying, but to use an apple product is the most painful experience of our day and age.

        • Keckarovski

          Lady don’t forget that without Apple world would still use MS-DOS as operating system. I don’t know how old you are, but you don’t know how miserable PC’s were in 1993. Back then I would preffer to use CASIO’s CASIOPEIA PDA’s over gray and repulsive world of PC with operating system that has 200 commands tops and was so uninspiring that if you paid for one about 3500 US dollars (that was the price of HP computer back then), I assure you that you would like to kill yourself.
          Apple Mac computers on the other side were nice on the eye, inside and outside, have developed first serious OS that was so intuitive and with perfectly adjusted GUI for their machines that no PC ever have ever had.
          Apple was first company that developed computer product that was hardware-software fine tuned, no viruses, no crashes, and 100% inventive versus Microsoft “copycats” that don’t even know to copy properly.
          So next time you spit on the most REVOLUTIONARY, FREE SPIRITED, company and their community, think again. Your post seem to be very agressive and against most inspirational company in the world as we know it. I bet you never used one of their products, and you don’t even know what is the feeling of having one or two or every product that this company marketed. I really feel sorry for your point of view on computer and smart devices market. Hope you will change your values so you can be loved and respected in most advanced community that was bringed together by one company called Apple. Peace.

          • Dyson

            Bunch of crap! What r they paying u? Before u say I haven’t used an apple before know that I’m typing this on an iPad which could b much better if only they would give u …..what…..say Samsung would which is…say it with me …freedom! Have u considered they might not be losing customers nd shares if they weren’t so greedy in the first.

    • bob

      I partially agree with Katherine, but apple does have a few good things about it.

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