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Download iOS 11.1.2 Beta 3 for iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S and iPod Touch

iOS 11.1.2 Beta 3 Download links available via super fast downloading servers with a lot of new features, apps and improvements. iOS8 is compatible for iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone 5S, 5C, 4S. The new Apple release is not for iPhone 4 yet…

With iOS 11.1.2 beta 3, Apple is gonna nearest step to release public release this fall with iPhone 6. After each two weeks, Apple releases new beta version to the developers, and this time, Apple is gonna release iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 download to the developers. As per the sources, iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 would be the last download version as a beta and there would be no iOS 11.1.2 beta 4 or beta 5. Rather than beta version, Apple would launch public version of iOS 11.1.2 download officially.

As Apple follows it’s trend line, the new iOS 11.1.2 beta download links should be available this week, however, the sources indicating that iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 wouldn’t be available before 8th, July. It mean, we would see iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 for download in the third week, means, around 17th July, 2015.

How to Download iOS 11.1.2 Beta 3 Without Developer Account

As we know, Apple releases new iOS 11.1.2 beta only to the developer account and developer account would cost your around $99 for a year. This would be too costly just for testing a beta version before public release. Fortunately, there is a way to download iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 and instal iOS 11.1.2 without developer account.

How to Install iOS 11.1.2 without Developer Account

Apple have released Apple Seed program where public user can participate in iOS 11.1.2 beta test program and download iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 without developer account or UDID registration. I would recommend to take participate in iOS 11.1.2 beta 3 program and download it for free.

How to install iOS 11.1.2 Beta 3 Without UDID Registration