Free In app Purchases iOS 10.2 – iOS 10.2: Now Get Anything From In-App Free of Cost

Top iAP App to get free in app purchases for iOS 10.2 and newer firmware for iPhone, iPad…

iAP Cracker does bypass payment page and redirect iOS users to item page without paying anything. It means you are getting all those paid in-app purchases free of cost.

Jailbreak makes crazy to it’s users. Its like magic that every iOS iDevice owner want to feel. The users jailbreak their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch just because of jailbreaking.

There are thousands upon thousands awesome stuff to download and use as free for iOS. Most of the iDevice users jailbreak their iOS to get free apps, games and tweaks.

iAP Patcher Supported Compatibility list of Apps

iAP Patcher born when Apple released in-app purchases, the developers got the chance to earn money based on those apps purchases but, iOS users were not looking happy. They always has argue that why they purchase these apps from thousands upon thousands apps, when they have paid for costly iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

What i-AP Patcher does is, it cracks in-app purchases and redirect buyer direct on item page, so, that they don’t need to pay anything for that purchase. Urus has developed iAP cracker app for iOS. i-AP cracker works for jailbroken iOS 10.2, iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6 on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Your jailbroken iOS should have Cydia installer to add iAP cracker repo to use it.

How to Download iAP Cracker for iOS

1 A common requirement, you should have jailbroken iOS in order to use iAP Patcher. If you have not jailbroken your iOS, then you can use RedSnOw to jailbreak iOS 5+ firmware and if you are on iOS 8+, you can jailbreak it using EvasiOn. Install Cydia during jailbreaking procedure. If you have already jailbroken iDevice, skip first step, follow below steps.

Try PanGu or TaiG, if you’ve iOS 10.2 firmware.

2 Now you need to add iAP repo source to download it. There are two Cydia Repos offers iAP application. Launch Cydia application from your iPhone, iPod or iPad and tap on “Manage”, then tap on “Sources”, and now “Edit”, and finally tap on “Add”. Here add or You can try only one iAP cracker repo source.

3 Now Search “iAP Patcher” using Cydia search option. iAP application will be appear in result, download and install it.

How to Use iAP Patcher

1 Finally, you have downloaded and installed iAP application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Now it seems you are ready to go, so, go to in-app application and choose one of he paid item. Click on “Buy” to proceed.

iAP Patcher Supported Compatibility list of Apps
iAPfree: Try this, if iAP doesn’t work.

2 If you are redirect directly to item page, then it means iAP cracker is working for this application or if you have been redirect to Apple login page or ask for login id, then it means that this Cydia hack doesn’t work with that particular app. Try another application. Keep on.

From Editor’s Desk

Look, it may be possible that in some application purchases, iAP may not work. It doesn’t mean that it will not work for other apps. You can try other apps to buy to test it. The developers have tested it on many apps and most of the time he was succeeded.

There is an alternative to iAP called iAPfree that also offers same features. If iAP Patcher doesn’t work on your iOS or in your case, try iAPfree. Don’t forget to share your experience, if you are using it or facing any errors.


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  1. It seems like iAP Cracker not working on iOS 10.3.3 and previous firmware for now. There isn’t any developers who are developing proper environments for it to grow. Try LocaliApStore or Lucky Patcher and hope that developers would update them.

    1. Well most apps like Pokemon go have a system that blocks free in app purchased get I know it’s gay asf but there some game that do work with the tweek like jet pack joyride or sub way sufferers just have to get games that work

    1. I tried Knights and dragons and found that it’s server based games which is hardly to patch while getting free in app purchases using iap cracker. I would suggest you to try another app for that.

      One more thing that you can purchase Knights and Dragons if it’s only the app for iPhone available which you love. Cydia store is big and large you can find another alternative app also if iAP Cracker not working.

  2. If you’re in the sun Don’t foget to overnight polarized sunglasses… You can see through reflections and it block out the sun way better then tint. We bought ours at sandy sunglasses for 69$


    1. I’m hoping that PanGu is prepared with the iOS 10 jailbreak and they’d release upcoming jailbreak with update of iAP Cracker. Till then, we should wait patiently for the update and with the hope that all these tweaks and apps would be available with update. We’d get free in app purchases once again using Cydia.

  3. This does not work for server-based games like coc and boom beach anymore. Now, 4/14/16, i still use localiapstore and still works on some games. I tried it with BTD5, temple run2, VR mission exit and recipe apps and it is still working. Those who have a working coc gem hack for 2016 jailbreak or not please share and help. Not those private servers those are not real hacks. share if you have any. If i also find one i’ll also share it here. Let’s help each other.

  4. I tried to buy unlimited Pascal Programming Language and there was an error:
    We have detected illegal programs to crack AppStore. So how can i finally hack it?

  5. Hi I jailbreak my phone and installed LocalIapstore for bike race ultra bike but doesn’t work is there another way to get it free?

  6. It worked for a couple purchases for Boom Beach however it is now telling me to contact iTunes and not allowing. Did anyone else have this issue?

  7. Now, I’ve upgraded to iOS 10 beta 1, but no news for the jailbreak iOS 9, please update the update as possible as soon

  8. Hey, I finally upgraded my iPad Mini to iOS 10 beta and waiting for the final release. I was curious that is there any tweak that cracks in-app purchase for iOS 9? Such as iap cracker iOS 9!!!

    1. That’s because the COC servers detect that you’re hacking… This only works with developers who don’t know what they’re doing and haven’t set up servers to check if you actually purchased the in-app purchase…

  9. Anyone know one for trial extreme 4? I’m iOS 8.0.2 iPhone 5 and when I try to buy something in store with Iap cracker it crashes the game…

  10. I did as u said but whenever i buy coins it says connection error but i think it worked cuz before i download iap the price of the coins was written now it’s not it’s just like this –.–

  11. I tried all of those IAP but it still glitches out after I try to get coins or gems on games. I have ios 10 on an Iphone 5. Help?

    1. Might be because it’s a sever based game. It won’t allow you to do this on server based game because they always have a connection with the server.

  12. Everytime I try to use in DragonVale on my iPad mini dragonvale crashes and my purchase is not updated. Is there something additional I need to do? This used to work on my old ipod touch.

    1. Dragonvale has resolved the issue and made its values server side and all the payment stuff is routed differently because of it. I used to do it on my second gen iPod touch but I can’t do it anymore after not having a device for a few years.

    1. You first have to jailbreak your iDevice.

      Then search for “localiapstore” in cydia. Download that. Then go to settings>localiapstore>enable


      Some devices are different and some iOS versions are different. This is what I did for the current iOS 10 update!

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  14. does this work with iOS 9.1? I’ve been trying to use it in random apps doesn’t seem to do anything… either it crashes or the option to purchase disappears..

  15. hey everyone! just wanted to say that since sometimes this in app purchase cracker might not work sometimes, i suggest “iAPCrazy” from BYA (Bite Your Apple) works very well and is compatible with Dragonvale! but sadly not Clash Of Clans..

    1. I was having problem after problem with all of the other app crackers until your beautiful soul came along and mentioned iAPCrazy. Worked perfectly. Thank you.

  16. hey does clash of clans work with is hack.!!!! and I was wondering do you know what will work if this doesn’t work…

    1. Hey this does not work with Any supercell games along with other games. There is no hack for clash of clans, so don’t be fooled by the scams all over the internet. The only way to get free gems is to play clash of clans in offline mode, with other various sources that will allow that. Hopes this helps!

  17. Guys,I have a problem!I hav jailbroken iOS 10 on my iPad and I want to hack Dragonvale with the iap cracker,but it doesn’t work!It crushes every time I want to purchase gems or everything,what I should do?

    1. I am running pangu on my 1.7.2 ipad 2, i dont know why you are having problems, I have maxed out dragon vale and have had no problems. Try rebooting your device, and checking setting and making sure you have the IAP hacker on. Try deleting it and getting another one, sometimes you just get dud tweaks.

  18. doesnt work on my ipad with iOS 10 install, my go to game is always angry birds hd since it has a bunch of pointless in app purchases but it says that it cannot verify payment so thats a bust on this one.

    1. Btd 5 worked fine for me. When you get the IAP hack you need to make sure its enabled. Make sure you are also signed into your apple account, when you make a in app purchase it should prompt you for a password, click cancel. It should ask you about twice. Then it might say thank you, or just give you what you bought. Hope this helps!

    2. Inaps purchs in Auralux doesn’t work here too.
      I tried it so often but nothing works.
      Some ideas to get the iaps on auralux?

  19. The Instagram follower app didn’t work keeps saying internet connection problems but my internet is fine can you fix that and thank you for ur hard work at making purtiosus possible

    1. ops… Instagram server is checking internet connection… i suggest you to try iAPfree… it’s more powerfull than iAP crack

      1. Of course not, clash of clans is virtually unhackable whith their encrypted coding and thousands of servers. In order to hack clash of clans means that you have to decrypt the coding and take down all the supercell servers which would take quite the hack to do.

  20. I have iOS 10 and it won’t work for any apps. I tried subway surfer and others but it just closes the app and nothing changes

  21. I have tried everything but nothing happens for dead trigger 2
    Please if anybody got anything please let me know

  22. Confirmed working with Hipstamatic 276, click buy, cancel the password input screen, and voila, it starts to download your paks.

  23. Iapfree allows bypassed purchases within Family Guy Quest for Stuff. However when you try to use the items bypassed items it just re-circulates back to the purchase screen as if you still need the extra items. The bypassed items do show in the totals though. Thanks.

        1. Get it from the repo hackyouriphone it works but it’s call app sync for ios 7.0+ it works I’m running ios iOS 9.1

  24. i have ios 8.1 on iphone 4. i used localiapstore for in app purchase and it was working for the first time i used it. Next time i tried to purchase gold it fails. not only in one game rather in all games……

    1. Technically yes. But good luck trying to find out how. Oh and also decoding the encrypted code won’t do anything unless you find out how to take down supercells servers otherwise nothing will happen.

  25. Try using LocalIAPStore for ios 7 if this doesn’t work.

    Also, there is no hack for clash of clans. Most hackers would keep it close too, because clash of clans constantly fixes bugs,glitches, and hacks. Most hack programs you see are all fake and coded in visual studio. If you want it in a simple way, basically this means that CoC has very high based security and would resync any deleted/edited files.

  26. Hey does anyone know how to hack the clash of clans ? Ill used the locallappstore but it seems cant be used 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME . Im using IPAD 2 .

    1. iAP cracker doesn’t work for clash of clan and Hay day. You need Free version of clash of clan. One of my friend has Free version.

      1. Oh okay . Thanks bro . SomHow to install th Free version of clash of clan ? Or any idea to hack the gems ? 🙂 ill used the localappstore but cant hack the gems

      2. I always thought getting a Free version of clash of clans is hackable. But doesn’t that mean that you’ll never be able to go online? Which kinda defeats the whole purpose of hacking CoC.

    2. Face it buddy, LocalIAPcracker is gonna get you nowhere NEAR a clash of clans hack. You’re gonna need ALOT more advanced hacks than that cydia tweak

  27. Hey does anyone know how to hack the clash of clans ? Ill used the locallappstore but it seems cant be used 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME

    1. I would love if it will work with subscription based apps and games
      by the way, which iDevice are you using and which version of iAP?

  28. I have a new iPad mini and iapfree iapcracker or localiapstore are not working for candy crush.. Please help. Iapfree is up to date with plugin and others are for ios7…

  29. Help Please
    It Works On My Older iPod But Not iPod 4g 6.1.6 & I Don’t Want To Make It Back To iOS 6.1.5 🙁

        1. Then there is only a change and that’s downgrade from iOS 6.1.6 to iOS 6.1.5

          But wait, why you don’t try LocaliAPStore? Its also a best alternative to iAPPatcher

          Take a test

          1. iAp Free’s Working For Some Apps , But Okae I’ll Try LocaliAPStore & Thanks . I Just Wanna Know If I Can Get a Siri Port For iOS 6.1.6 Because It Only Supports iOS 6.0 – 6.1.5

  30. This Doesn’t Work For iPod Touch 4G On iOS 6.1.6 🙁
    Can You Please Make It For iOS 6.1.6? Because It’s New & Not Working.
    Also The Siri Port Doesn’t Work For 6.1.6 Yet 🙁
    Please Make It For 6.1.6 Please !

  31. I just got iAP Patcher and it didn’t work so I got iAP free. It says the plugin server is down and because of that, it’s not working. Does anyone else have this problem? If so ,how did you fix it?

  32. I think you should go with localiApstore, it works
    iapcracker doesn’t work anymore
    local iapstore and iapfree are the best alternatives for this jailbreak app
    I’m using above two tweaks in my iPad Air and iPad Mini (jailbroken iOS 9.0.5)
    don’t forget to install App sync

      1. There is a big list of working apps and games
        But, unfortunately, not working list is larger than working games
        what do you think about it

  33. Big Fish Games (Especially Hidden Objects)

    All in app purchases work, including unlock & collector edition unlock

    Thanks to the author who redirect me to this app

    1. iAP Patcher works, but if you are looking for alternatives, then try iAPFree, LocaliAPStore
      they are perfect alternatives for this app

  34. iapcracker works but after installing cydia substrate try once again
    i can download couple of popular games
    did you try updated version of angry birds?

  35. It was working then suddently the options icon vanished from my settings page, uninstall and reinstall doesn’t work. I haven’t installed any tweaks I just updated the substrate. Help ?

  36. Hey, I got the same error as Carlos Mendoza. I mean, it worked only once for me on Candy Crush and it stopped working with the error, “Purchase Failed”.

    1. what i usually did with locallapstore is that i would make sure im signed out of itunes, and i woul click by, and when it would tell me to put in a password/login i would click cancel and it worked. yet to try it on ios 7

    1. NO. only time that you get charged for items is if you have to enter your password to log into itunes. I have used iapcrack and iapfree in the past,got loads of cash/gold etc,. So no,your safe 🙂

        1. No, your credit card will not be charged as long as you don’t sign into itunes when they ask you to. To be safe you can sign out of your itunes account in the appstore

        1. Well I guess u have localiappstore and locallApstore. Do you see it in your settings? If you don’t it won’t work. It’s working for me on iOS 10 on a iPad 4 retina. I also saw that there is a vid on YouTube. Follow all those steps and it should work 🙂

            1. No I meant that it can be confusing so don’t install the wrong one. Install LocallApstore. If you need the repo let me know. But do you see locallApstore in you settings? If you don’t see it it isn’t installed correctly

  37. Works on VPET Free but it stucked on the processing page while im trying to “buy” the cranky level for Where’s my water please get it fixed.

  38. Will this ever be updated for IOS10.1.x? cydia support IOS 6 but not Iap cracker… i need gems in dragonvale! it’s just crashing!

  39. Surviving High School HD for the iPad says it doesn’t work. It says –

    “Purchase Cancelled – The purchase was not completed due to a connection error or user cancellation”

    Anyone know what’s up with this?

  40. DRAGONVALE does not work!!!

    I just jailbroken today and first think I tried out was iAp Patcher on Dragonvale, the moment I click on a package to buy it looks like it’s about to add it but then crashes and the game closes.

    1. Sorry, they’re games are too well encrypted to work with IAP Patcher. It won’t ever be updated to work with those games. And if it did, it would take months (MONTHS[S][[S]]) of work.

  41. Alex have you iOS or Android phone? how you have downloaded all these apps. Can you give me repo that you have used for iap cracker?

  42. I was failed to using a different iapcracker repo from another site, but thanks to Edward for correct iapcracker repo source. Now I have installed this awesome app.
    I have tested Temple Run and Contact killer app. These are the top apps in my list that I have downloaded using iap cracker.

    1. DOWNLOADED using IAP Patcher? Fucking retards, IAP stands for “IN APP [INSIDE THE APP] purchase”, not “Free apps for everyone even if they were free by default” cracker!

  43. Jason I tried many apps, but successful apps are listed below that can be install using iAP cracker.

    Angry Birds
    Tiny Tower
    Line Runner
    Paper Toss
    Army of Darkness
    Have you tried iAPfree yet?

  44. I have downloaded a few of top apps from in-app iOS apps gallery and below are the apps that I have tested using I-AP Patcher.

    Need for Speed
    Line Birds
    Early Bird
    Tiny Ball
    Ninja Jump

  45. Can you provide me the list that has been tested using iAp cracker repo source?
    I am constantly trying in-app paid apps that are listed on top, but, most of them doesn’t install or download, however, a few of them are still available through iAP.
    I just curious about the available list that can be download using this awesome app.

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