Jailbreak – – PanGu Updates Its Tool for iOS

Finally, PanGu has updated their jailbreak tool for iOS…

The most talented and most active PanGu team once again cracked iPhone operating system and this time its iOS 10. Yeah, iOS is about to get PanGu iOS jailbreak soon.

Since iOS 11 release, almost three jb developers have shown their interest in developing working solution for iPhone running on iOS 11. At least they’ve demonstrated working tool for iOS, iOS iOS is still in progress because none of these teams have mentioned support for iOS

We’d update you with some recent updates that have been made during this period…

Update 1: Apple Patched working Yalu jailbreak with iOS 11.1.2. Now none of the device running on iOS 11.1.2 can jailbreak or install Cydia.

Update 2: Apple is head of this mouse cat game of jailbreaking after releasing iOS According to security expert, iOS is most secured and most complicated firmware release so far.

Update 3: Good news! Finally, PanGu has demonstrated iOS Jailbreak with Cydia installed. The rumors are starting to spread about its release and various sources indicating PanGu iOS jailbreak release next week.

Update 4: Even after a month PanGu didn’t release iOS jailbreak whereas Apple is about to release iOS It seems like, the Chinese team is waiting for Apple to release iOS Once iOS is released, the PanGu iOS jailbreak may come out.

Update 5: Apple finally released iOS for iPhone and all other compatible devices. Now, our main focus on PanGu team whether they release their tool or not.

Update 6: PanGu is not releasing iOS jailbreak that was demonstrated earlier whereas a new security researcher has announced to provide a key exploit responsible for iOS jailbreak. PanGu or Yalu team can use it to release their own tool based on this exploit for iOS and iOS

Update 7: There is complete silence in jailbreak community and Apple has unveiled iOS along with first beta of iOS 11.

Update 8: Apple still signs iOS, iOS and iOS So, the iOS 11 users who wanna jailbreak or want to downgrade to iOS 10 are advised to restore iOS for jailbreak.

Update 9: KeenLab, a popular security researcher team is working on iOS 11 jailbreak. They may release iOS – iOS 11.0.1 Jailbreak with Cydia installer.

Update 10: Good News! KeenLab demonstrates iOS 11 – iOS jailbreak. In the video, the developer has jailbroken iPhone and installed Cydia installer successfully. KeenLab has confirmed that they’d release this tool publicly as soon as Apple releases iOS 11 public version.

Update 11: Apple stopped signing iOS, it means now no longer iOS is supported from iOS 11 or iOS Still users can use Prometheus to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS or iOS If you’re on iOS, you can also try Prometheus to downgrade iOS

Update 12: iOS 11 beta 10 is out. The final iOS 11.0.1 public version may out soon. KeenLab is expected to release jailbreak 11.0.1 at earliest.

Are you also waiting for jailbreak 11 or would be satisfied with iOS if there is one for it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas on recent jb community activity.

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