Uninstall Cydia Tweaks: Now you can remove Multiple jailbreak apps at once from iPhone

How to uninstall Cydia apps from your iPhone, multiple tweaks at once…

Most of the time new jailbreak user install bunch of Cydia tweaks on their iPhone or iPad. As there are bunch of options out there to customize your iPhone from scratch, this is expected action.

However after installing much of these tweaks, its really boring to uninstall them one by one. Most of the time, you install same tweaks twice. This is something you buy Mutual Funds that invest your money into almost same stocks or theme based. Anyway, we’re talking about iOS and we should stick on it.

Suppose you want to customize status bar, there are bunch of tweaks available to customize status bar. You may install one and suppose on next day you found better option, you install another. This is how, you’d get a bunch of jailbreak apps installed on your iPhone. Now to uninstall useless tweaks from your iPhone is really a matter of concern.

Uninstalling Cydia apps is not like uninstalling iPhone stock apps and that’s not so easy and direct. Until now, you had to uninstall tweaks one by one separately. But, thanks to Saurik who has updated Cydia and queuing option came to app store.

If you’ve latest version of app store installed on your iPhone, you can follow below steps in order to remove Cydia apps at once, yeah multiple tweaks. To do so, first of all, update your Jailbreak apps store to the latest version and then follow below steps.

Multiple Tweaks: How to Remove Jailbreak Apps

I hope you know what are you doing here. Follow below steps to uninstall multiple Cydia tweaks at once…

  1. First of all, open Cydia app after getting connected to internet.
  2. Tap on Installed menu from the bottom of your jailbreak app store.
  3. Tap on a tweak that you wanna uninstall, tap only one app at once.
  4. On the next screen, you want to tap on Modify button from top bar.
  5. There you’d notice a pop up at the bottom where you need to tap on Remove button.
  6. On the next screen, don’t confirm the uninstall progress. Instead of confirm, you need to tap on Continue Queuing option out there here.
  7. The tweak would be added to queue. Now repeat the process from step 2 until you queue up all the tweaks that you wanna remove.
  8. Finally when you’ve all the tweaks that you wanted to uninstall from your iPhone, tap on Confirm tap that would remove all queue apps at once.

Done. I hope, you’ve uninstalled all those buggy and useless tweaks from your iPhone. If you need any further help or require addition information, you can comment below…

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