Jailbreak iOS 11.0.1/11.0.2/11.0.3: KeenLab and PanGu Updates

iOS 11 is just about to be available for public users with iPhone 8…

There is some exciting news for jailbreak users. The well known jailbreak team, KeenLab is testing their exploits on iOS 11 beta. Fortunately, the exploits are working fine on beta firmware upto iOS 11 beta 9.

Along with iOS 11 beta, the team has successfully demonstrated iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak too. They’ve uploaded a video on YouTube demonstrating both jailbreak with Cydia iOS 11 and iOS 10.3.2.

However, the exploits are failed on iOS 10.3.3 reportedly. So, finally we’ve some developments towards new firmware before release. At the same time we should keep some historical data in our mind that this happened in the past too where PanGu and TaiG has successfully demonstrated their exploits and jailbreak on iOS 8, 9 and iOS 10 before public release, however, Apple had patched them before final release.

At least some clouds are coming in the sky so there is hope that there may be rain today or tomorrow. The whole meaning is, jailbreak development is on going under the ground and there may be jailbreak for iOS 11.0.1 or other future updates such as iOS 11.0.2 or may be later on iOS 11.0.3 too.

Now, the question is, who would be first to release the next jailbreak, PanGu or KeenLab. It should be great news for us whether PanGu or KeenLab, OverSky or Yalu team release their jailbreak for iOS 11.0 because ultimately it would be some progress for Cydia towards iPhone.

This time, its really very excited moment because new iPhone 8 users would eagerly wait for upcoming jailbreak. I hope they would be more luckier than iPhone 7. Because unlucky iPhone 7 didn’t get the jailbreak last time in enough number.

But keep in mind, if you’re on iPhone 7, we would recommend you to stay on iOS 10.3.2 because if Keenlab failed to jailbreak 11.0, they would atleast release iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak with Cydia Installer.

Now we all are waiting for next two weeks when during this period, PanGu, KeenLab or any other Chinese team can release their jailbreak. I’m little scary that if they’d be failed to release jailbreak, there may be end of Cydia era.

What do you think about iOS 11.0 jailbreak?


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    1. Yes definitely, even iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak is also expected, but the developers can’t disclose it publicly to prevent Apple from patching those exploits, you can understand that.

  1. I’m little bit sure that PanGu is ready to fight against iOS 11 security because they haven’t released iOS 10.3.1 which was ready, but they hadn’t released it at that time. Till yet, they’ve active exploits that haven’t patched by Apple in iOS 11.0.1 but PanGu is taking care of wrong publicity and they’d release Jailbreak and Cydia combination at right time.

    1. Are you crazy? If PanGu had the jailbreak 10.3.1, why they haven’t released it at that time? I think they’ve sold them for a huge bounty.

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