LowerInstall Cydia Tweak Allows Older iOS to Install Incompatible Apps

Now older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users would be able to install new updated version of apps and games using LowerInstall tweak…

I found many users complaining about new applications that they can’t install them on older iOS firmware. Even I’ve also faced the same issue a while ago, but now thanks to LowerInstall that allows older iOS to install new apps without any error.

Normally, new iPhone apps can’t be install on older firmware due to compatibility issues. Even users can’t use Google Chrome or any other such important applications having older firmware.

Sometimes ago even after jailbreaking, they were unable to install incompatible apps on iPhone, iPod or iPad. Now all your frustrations would be no longer available because LowerInstall is here for your iPhone or iPad to install incompatible applications without any manual trick or method. You just need to install LowerInstall and forget about any incompatible iOS version or new app version.

When developer creates any app for iPhone, he or she needs to mention supported iOS versions and devices to support that app. According to Apple, older devices should be removed from the list of new updates and app versions. Thus, developers add only running and updated devices and iOS versions to the supported iOS in the app before submitting to the Apple app store. Now, LowerInstall basically adds your iOS version to the app and allows you to install that app whether that is new or old or even incompatible for your iOS version.

For an example, after releasing iOS 11 more and more apps would only support iOS 11. iOS 10 or iOS 9 users won’t be able to install those incompatible apps even on iPhone or iPad running on older iOS.

To download LowerInstall Cydia tweak, you need to add a Cydia Repo and then you can install Cydia tweak that is mentioned here.

If even after installing this tweak you can’t install new apps or incompatible apps, make a comment here.

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  1. Paulm says:

    It asks for iCloud login even for apps with cloud which have previously downloaded makes me a bit wary

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