Today’s Apps: Sicarius, OwnSpy, My3G and Simplock For iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini, Air, iPod Touch

This week, OwnSpy, My3G, Sicarius and Simplock were released especially after iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak release for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch etc.

Since iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak released, numerous Cydia tweaks have been released till the date within a week. This week, I have picked up OwnSpy, Simplock, My3G and Sicarius in the best pick list. All these four tweaks are optimized for iOS 9.

I love OwnSpy and My3G most from these four tweaks. My3G allows user to use FaceTime over slow 3G connection and all the apps like ProTube and other apps that require high speed internet connectivity that run on 3G connectivity using My3G tweak.

Take a look at those apps…

1 OwnSpy: Its a free Spy jailbreak tweak. Do you ever wanted to keep track your children’s activities? If yes, OwnSpy is for you. It is the best iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini, iPad Air Spy app. OwnSpy is fully compatible for iOS 11.1.2 and all the iDevices that run on this operating system. It has numerous features that make you crazy.

  • OwnSpy is the first app that record iPhone or iPad Screen remotely at no charge. It means all these at free of cost. The first ever free Spy app for iPhone in the industry.
  • User can keep watch silently on phone calls and even phone call interception.
  • That’s not just finished, OwnSpy can track location of the iDevice on which it is installed.
  • OwnSpy user can read deleted SMS and WhatsApp messages.
  • The user can check captured and stored photos remotely even you can listen whole environment remotely.
  • Do you wanna spy emails too? Simply you can with OwnSpy.
  • What else will you get from spy app?
  • All these features are free of cost. Other paid applications will charge at least $50/month for above features and even for less features than listed above.
  • Do you wanna say anything? Just comment it.

It is developed by Antonio Calatrava and hosted under ModMyi repository. ModMyi has been listed under default Cydia sources, just browse it and search for “OwnSpy iOS 9“, tap on install and that’s it. You got free spy iPhone app.

2 My3G: It forces applications like Skype, Fring, FaceTime, YouTube and Amazon Instant video to run on 3G connectivity. These apps normally allow only WiFi rather than 3G. My3G supports iOS 11.1.2 and all former firmwares. It has 3 days free trial and after that you have to purchase it from Cydia store. User can configure My3G for different applications.

3 Sicarius: It is developed by Danyl and he hosted Sicarius on ModMyi repo source. Easy way to close all apps and restart springboard. If you are theme lover, then Sicarius might help you. It will allow you to apply theme with easy respring. This jailbreak tweak is fully compatible for iOS 11.1.2 iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch.



4 Simplock: We all know how to unlock our iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There isn’t any need of Slide to Unlock label there. If you wanna clean home screen, you can install Simplock free jailbreak tweak that removes slide to unlock label from home screen to give you clear view. Just slide your finger to blank area to unlock your iDevice.


I hope you have enjoyed these tweaks especially OwnSpy and My3G. Both the tweaks are useful in normal life. iKeyMonitor is a best alternative for OwnSpy, so, check it out too.

If you have any query or suggestion, leave your comments…

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  1. Sergio Valadez says:

    My3G works on ios 9? Confirmation, anyone?

  2. Larry says:

    How do you get OwnSpy for free. It has a 1 week demo when installed. Am I missing something?

  3. freakaleak says:

    Who writes these articles? my3g DOES NOT work in 9, it was fine in 8.1.. I contacted the developer and never got a response, so i’ll never touch one of their apps again

  4. freakaleak says:

    my3g i not working on 10 it was on

  5. Jay says:

    OwnSpy is NOT FREE you just get it free of use for only 24HRS. It says it clearly in the user agreement under PRICE,SERVICE.

  6. david says:

    Alex OwnSpy is true must have cydia tweak, i’ll never remove it. I tracked my daughter’s iphone and it worked like non of spy app worked
    thanks a lot to the developers who have developed such a nice application at no cost

  7. Andrew daniel says:

    Simplock is the best iOS 10 lockscreen tweak, i’ve it on my iPhone 4S and it worked smoothly. How about lockinfo? Does it do the same?
    btw, thnx

  8. ethan jecob says:

    My3G works like a charm on iPhone 5S Facetime. I jailbroke iPhone 5S with evasi0n7 1.0.1 and installed My3G. Then i enabled FaceTime using it’s setting menu that allowed me to access FaceTime using 3G.
    My3G is really worderful. Its fully compatible for iOS 9
    However, after 3 days, i removed it, because after that i had to purchase.

  9. joshua says:

    I was thinking to purchase iPhone spy app that i got at free of cost from here. OwnSpy is the best option to get free spy application and if its jailbreak tweak that monitor your iPhone, iPad on real time at free of cost, then I think its best.
    iKeylogger also does the same job but in different form. In my point of view, OwnSpy is better than iKeylogger at many ways.
    Is there any other apps that do spy on stealth mode?

    • kapil says:

      Did you try Stealth Spyware, a product from trusted company? Its a paid version and you have to purchase their package on monthly bases. They also offer real time monitoring.
      Search on Google

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