Multiplexer Cydia Tweak: One of the Best Multitasking Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

Multiplexer – A ultimate multitasking Cydia tweak

I had heard about the killer multitasking Cydia tweak which is known as “Multiplexer”. If you were also excited, I’ve some good news for you.Multiplexer Cydia tweak has been released yesterday.

Actually, I was searching the best multitasking Cydia tweak and Multiplexer was waiting for release which released yesterday for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, iPad Air and all other iDevices that run on iOS 8.4 or newer jailbroken firmware.

Multiplexer Cydia tweak comes with seven different features related to multitasking. It is being said that this tweak is really killer Cydia tweak for multitasking tasks. It includes below features…

  • Reach App
  • Swipe Over
  • Mission Control
  • Aura
  • Empoleon
  • Quick Access

We’d start talking with Aura, the first Multiplexer tweak feature. It’s background tasking feature. You can assign Activator gesture using Aura Multiplexer feature and force any iPhone app to work in the background and still you can access springboard. In simple and short example is YouTube. You can listen video songs or any other music on YouTube by playing it in the background using Aura.

Now, the second feature is Empoleon which is used to put all apps into a windows. User can make adjustment in size of windows or just you can rotate them to portrait or landscape. The feature is alternative to MirMir Cydia tweak. The best feature for ultimate multitasking.

Now, it’s turn to Mission Control, another feature for MultiPlexer Cydia tweak. If you’ve used Mac OS X, you might know about Mission Control. Using this feature, you can make different desktops and ultimately, you can manage each of them.

Now, I’d like to talk about Quick Access that I love. Actually, there are certain apps that I wanna use instantly. You can also choose those apps to quick access and put them to Notification Center. Yeah, once you’ve installed Multiplexer iPhone app, you’re allowed to configure settings for Quick Access settings where you can choose an app that would be added to Notification center. You can access that app, fully functional application from the notification center.

other two features are Reach App and Swipe Over. I’d love to listen about them from you. You can leave your comment and give your opinion about ReachApp and Swipe Over feature of Multiplexer.

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