SemiRestore iOS 10.2 Allows Users to Restore iOS 10.2 Back to iOS 10.2 or 7.0.6

SemiRestore iOS 10.2 compatible version has been released today. SemiRestore7 allows iOS 10.2 users to restore their firmware back to iOS 10.2 or 7.0.6 in factory stage settings…

Apple has released iOS 10.2 yesterday. As evasi0n can’t jailbreak iOS 10.2, because Apple have patched numerous vulnerabilities of iOS 10.2 jailbreak. This could be a end of jailbreak season with this update.

If you have any issues with iOS 9, 8.1, 7.0.6, you can restore it to the factory settings. SemiRestore iOS 9 utility is designed for iPhone, iPad air, iPad Mini to restore back to stock condition without losing jailbreak and Cydia.

One thing I love in Semi Restore iOS 10.2 app, it removes buggy tweak from your iPad Air, iPad Mini or iPhone to fix the reboot loop issues. In many cases, this can be serious issue that forces you to upgrade your iOS firmware to the latest one, but if you are using SemiRestore iOS 9, you will limit that risk.

One more thing, SemiRestore7 requires OpenSSH, so, please install any OpenSSH iOS 9, before starting the procedure.

I would recommend that you should understand all the risk and procedure before restoring your iOS 10.2 back to iOS 9.0.6 or 8.1. I you get any issues, please share with us…


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  1. downloaded semi-restore 10 and started the process of semi-restoring.
    stuck in restart loop process from last 10 minutes. Is this normal process or need your suggestion to fix the same.

  2. my I phone 4 is stuck n recovery mode. I have tried restoring it. NO luck I need a little help I canntot do anything with it. I need to Restore it.How do Install the semi restore?

  3. after the restore my iphone 5 just keep saying searching, even if i remove the sim card it still says searching. PLEASE HELP… i am running on ios 8.1

    1. Of course yes, Semi Restore iOS 10 supports iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 Retina and iPod Touch 5G too.
      Actually, It got updated recently for the support of newer iDevices.
      But, do anything with caution and proper guideline.

  4. That would be impossible. “Jailbreak” means that you are able to run unsigned content (code not signed by Apple). If it is removed, you are in big trouble, as you will “see” your jailbroken apps but won’t be able to run them..
    How to restore iOS 10 from iOS 9.1

  5. thank you but how should i install OpenSSH and APT 0.7 strict from Cydia ? i am stuck on apple logo so i am using my 4s in safe mode and i will try that asap (once released)

  6. semirestoring restore your iphone and keeps cydie ( jailbreak) restore with itunes dont keep your jailbreak ps: sorry for my english

  7. Question for u as i can’t find a clear answer…i screwed around with ifile, and changed some permissions, and now cydia isn’t working right. is there a way to set all of the permissions back to a default jb state? i know there is chmod but don’t know much about it, and don’t want to change something and mess it up more. If S-R reformat the partition and rebuilds the directories..setting the correct permissions, awesome, but is there a correct command to fix this in the mean time? Thanks

    I’ve iPad Air iOS 10 jailbreak hasn’t been done yet

  8. The owner of iLEX R.A.T says with his own words: SemiRetsore have taken the idea of ILEX R.A.T. (opt. 12). Developers are silent about it! Very dishonestly! Please, ask them why they don’t mention my idea…

  9. Well I think the video is very clear, now you know you went the10.1 version of iOS so if you try to restore from iTunes directly sends you to10.1 and as iTunes 11 does not allow restores signed you can not use the ipsw of 7.0.6 then this program helps you restore to10.1 without uploading where no jailbreak. regards

  10. This worked perfectly for me!! Thanks so much bro! MY buddy and i have been looking for ways to restore for ages now because we kept getting an error in itunes!
    Thanks again man 😀

  11. @Matthew It is working better now, u should add the repo that i have listed in the description then download ilex rat for ios 7 and it would be done.

  12. I tried to use iLex Rat before for iOS 10, and it did not work right. Is it working better now? I used it on iOS 10 before, and no problems.

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