How to Create an Apple ID Using Your iPhone, iPad Mini, Air or iPod Without Credit Card

The best thing you could do is, you can create an Apple ID using your iPhone, iPad Mini or iPad Air. You will be never asked to fill up credit card details, it depends on you to fill up credit card details while creating new AppleID…

Apple might have different registration form or procedure to create an Apple ID, so that, many users always complain that they do not get “None” option while creating Apple ID without credit card details.

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But, I have noticed, that if you create Apple ID using your iPhone, iPad Air or iPad Mini, there will be an extra option called “None” which can be used, if you don’t wanna fill up your secret credit card details. But, you’ll be asked, if you wanna purchase any paid apps or paid in app purchases.

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I’m gonna creating a YouTube video on How to create an Apple ID without credit card soon, so that, nobody would feel hard to create Apple ID. Anyways, for now, you can follow the simple steps given below and create new Apple ID for free without credit card restriction.

1 Tap on Apple App store. Now, tap on search and type any app that is free.

2 Choose it and tap on “Free” or “Install” button. You will be then asked for new Apple ID or Apple Account.

3 Choose create an Apple ID option. Follow process and press next. You will be forwarded to billing page.

4Β In the billing details, you will be asked to choose credit card, there you will have the option “None”, choose it and press next. Fill up billing address details and verify your Apple ID.

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Congratulations, if you have correctly follow these steps, you have most probably created an Apple ID without credit card. If you are facing any error, you are always free to comment.

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  1. maduka says:

    no.. there not given none?? how am i do it

  2. jordi says:

    Please help me in iphone 5 ios 7.0.6 there is no none button please help me

  3. mustafa alhialy says:

    hello there i have problem ..i set none but after i click create ID says about payment and stucked there..hope there is a solution..thank you for help.

  4. fawzan shaikh says:

    me too dint get the none button so i choose china as my country in sum Chinese font and selected bank card as payment option and wolaaa apple id created πŸ˜€

  5. Connor Wilkes says:

    i am getting my iPod 5th gen for christmas, i have just made a apple id on my computer and write it down so i can remember it, can you click use existing account and then click none, or will it not work?, cheers

  6. RealGamingEnt4U says:

    you could always put a fake address in and even if you do put your real address in. If you loose the phone you can log into your icloud account then delete all the stuff on the phone πŸ˜€ all from your computer πŸ˜‰

  7. Deep Grg says:

    It really works…Thank you so much…… need to verify you provided email address and then by login with your apple ID on the verification link….you are ready to go….I have just downloaded Skype and other softwares……Thank you so much……..!!

  8. Suneth Kumara says:

    i tried making an apple id on my iPhone (which it worked) but the thing is that when I tried to download a game it said to verify (which I did ) but it still dint work.

  9. Mayur Bera says:

    i cant open my app store…wen i click on it it just shows the white screen and it says LOADING…then after sometime it show “the request timed out” so what should i do ? PLZZZZ HELP !!!

  10. Muhammad Khan says:

    you need to select a free app and proceed to make your ID, only then you will get the none option.

  11. Lesley Power says:

    Tried doing this (YES I did go through Free app store bit so don’t try & say that I need to do that) and there is NO option for selecting NONE in the credit card section.

  12. Christian Hochstrasser says:

    thanks to tell how to create apple id ..

  13. Amri Junsu says:

    This worked!!! thanks !! I didn’t know how to activate the ID so the phone was useless… I thought i should sell it but then i found this tuts! Thanks

  14. Sharpguy r says:

    Plz can you send me a free apple id i have tried so many times but failed i love your tuts ill make sure to tell my mates to subscribe to your blog so you can get a couple more subs plz send me an apple id.

  15. Fabio Melo says:

    PLEASE!! Help me! I already had created my Apple id And when i want to download an app I’ve got to make some sort of account review And fill the credit card blank. There’s no “none” option for me… Help me


    if you use gmail there will be an none option because if you create a gmail account ,you need to have a visa or credit card

  17. Mad Life says:

    finally i found the solution… simply create it via ICloud …. then it won’t ask for the payment… i finally created my account….

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