How to Install SoundCloud++ iOS 11/11.1.2 Without Jailbreak for iPhone

SoundCloud++ tweak on iOS without jailbreak iPhone…

Users love SoundCloud music service and personally I also love it. The service is too good, however, misses some important features in free version. It would be best if they can add all the premium features on free version of Sound Cloud music service.

Thanks to SoundCloud++ tweak that can be installed on iOS without jailbreak now. Yeah, without jailbreaking iPhone, you can actually install this tweak on any iOS running on your iPhone.

I personally tried SoundCloud++ on my iOS 11 currently that’s not jailbroken. I’m also waiting for PanGu jailbreak that is ready for iOS 11, but they may be waiting for iOS 11.1.2 public release.

Anyway, now you can install SoundCloud Plus tweak on any iOS version including recently released iOS 11.1.2 beta too. You just need to read this article carefully.

What is SoundCloud and this tweak?

SoundCloud is most downloaded iPhone app from Apple App Store and thus its so famous and favorite. Users whether they’re professionals or student or regular users, they love this music service. You can found SoundCloud in the top list within music & video category.

You may have noted that despite SoundCloud so famous, it still misses couple of key features for free version. If they can add some important features to the basic version, its best.

Here SoundCloud++ comes into light. Yeah, do you wanna download SoundCloud music directly to your iPhone? Install this tweak on your iPhone whether its jailbroken or not, you can install it.

Everything on SoundCloud is perfect and thus its one of the most download app on Apple App Store. Users constantly enjoying wonderful new content from Sound Cloud. You can enjoy music service online, however, if you wanna enjoy their service offline after downloading those music, you can’t on official app.

You can install SoundCloud or DownCloud tweak that can allow you to download any content from SoundCloud++ without jailbreak or installing Cydia. DownCloud is also useful tweak for iPhone that brings many important and key features for this music service.

How to install SoundCloud++ without Jailbreak iOS?

Now, if you’ve decided to install this music service, let me explain how you can do it. Before anything else, please consider this important info.

You need any computer running Windows or MacOS. Additionally, you must have two files, one is SoundCloud++ IPA and second is Cydia Impactor. You can use Xcode instead of Cydia Impactor, however, we recommend Cydia Impactor for installing any tweak on iOS without jailbreak iPhone.

If you’ve read above instructions carefully and decided to install this tweak or DownCloud tweak, you can follow below steps…

  1. As I mentioned above, you need to connect your computer to internet and download Cydia Impactor along with SoundCloud++ tweak.
  2. After downloading these two files, you want to connect your iPhone to that computer with data cable.
  3. Run Cydia Impactor and drag SoundCloud++ IPA file to the Cydia Impactor.
  4. Follow on screen instructions and install it.
  5. Done.

You may require to trust developer profile from Settings app, if it is, you can comment below and explain the exact situation in the comment section.

We’d try to help you out…

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