5 Top Jailbreak Apps iOS 11.1.2 : YouTubed, iTransWatch, PaperBoard, iOS 11.1.2 Redesigned, Tap2Break

Today in jailbreak on Cydia store, there were a lot new release of tweaks, themes and apps. Tap 2 Break, iOS 11.1.2 Redesigned, YouTubed, PaperBoard and iTransWatch were the prime hacks…

I have seen a great spark in tweaks, apps and themes in Cydia store especially from other sources rather than just BigBoss and they were ModMyi and ZodTTD. I think now, jailbreak community is moving to iOS 9. They are constantly developing themes, tweaks and hacks oriented to iOS 9.1.

ZodTTD releases noticeable number of themes and tweaks for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but we are limited and I have to choose only few themes, apps and tweaks that are best of them for the day. Today, I have picked up few tweaks, themes and hacks for your jailbreak iOS device.

5 Jailbreak Apps: You can’t miss out

1 YouTubed: This is free alternative to ProTube and YourTube. If you are aware of ProTube, then you know how costly it is. Here you are getting a free alternative tweak for ProTube that plays audio from video in the background even if YouTube.app is not active. As this is free tweak, its not a bad idea to try, if you love music. Search BigBoss repo.

iOS 11.1.2 Tweak tap 2 break

2 Tap2Break: I love this tweak. This funny tweak allows user to break their screen on tapping. Tap 2 Break is most realistic app for iPhone. It has numerous options to configure and customization. You can capture screenshot and use it on your homescreen to break up. Search Tap 2 Break on ModMyi repo.

iOS 11.1.2 Redesigned theme

3 iOS 11.1.2 Redesigned: If you are still on iOS 6.1.3 or older firmware and wanna enjoy iOS 11.1.2 themes, icons and visual effects, then I would recommend to install iOS 11.1.2 Redesigned on your jailbroken iDevice. It is build for iPhone. It has numerous icons that feel like iOS 11.1.2 UI. It is completely free theme and you can download it from ZodTTD repo source.


4 PaperBoard: It allows you to set custom background wallpaper to any application in just 10 seconds without editing any theme. This tweak is hosted on BigBoss repo and cost your $2. Paperboard is one of the must have Cydia Tweaks. If you don’t like background image of any app or you just wanna change white blank background picture, then just install Paperboard and activate it. Just customize it with your choice and see the charm.


5 iTransWatch: Do you wanna download manager or wanna control downloading tasks? If your answer is yes, then this tweak is for you. This works only with Safari web browser. It allows you to start, stop and resume downloading files, when you download any file from Safari browser. This app is hosted on BigBoss repo source.


All above tweaks, themes and apps will work only on jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, Mini etc. Users are advised to read full FAQ of the tweak, before downloading or installing to their iOS.

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  1. poo says:

    I need YourTube iOS 10 Cracked full version for iOS 10 ( 7.0.5 )

  2. Guest says:

    Is there any iOS 10 tweaks for iPhone 5S

  3. tyler says:

    I love especially paperboard, iOS 10 redesigned and tap2break
    hats of you

    • rocky says:

      itranswatch is also useful tweak if you are regularly downloading large files from Safari
      I will vote for itranswatch rather than any other

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