Today’s iOS 11.1.2 Tweaks: AdBlocker, PadClock, MusicGestures, InfinityTask, HiddenSettings7 For iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Mini, Air, iPod Touch

AdBlocker, InfinityTask, PadClock, HiddenSettings7 and MusicGestures Cydia tweaks were released in App store today that got noticeable popularity among iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak users. Compatible for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Mini…

iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak has created a great energy in jailbreak community. As a result every single day a lot of Cydia apps are releasing and getting updates for compatible version for iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and iPod Touch…

Saurik, creator of Cydia, has released Cydia Substrate 0.9.5000 especially for A7 iDevices. Since after release, a numerous apps getting updated for iOS 11.1.2 compatible iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 Retina etc. If your are facing incompatibilities, you should install or update latest version of Substrate. Remember, Mobile Substrate has been renamed to Cydia Substrate.

So, today there is a lot of things to share. First, InfinityTask iOS 11.1.2 Cydia tweak. It was released today with AdBlocker, PadClock, HiddenSettings7 and MusicGestures. One by one all the tweaks are working on iOS 11.1.2 compatible iDevices.

1 AdBlocker: Do you wanna remove annoying advertisements? If yes, AdBlocker is for you. This is exactly what you were searching for. It removes all the ads from Safari web browser and other applications and give you better navigation and surfing experience. AdBlocker is completely free jailbreak tweak that has been hosted by it’s original developer Yllier.

AdBlocker is updated for iOS 11.1.2 compatible devices. iPhone 5S/5C, iPod Touch, iPad Air and Mini are supported devices. Follow below steps to download it.

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to Manage, Sources, Edit and Add.
  • Add
  • Search AdBlocker in above added repository
  • Tap on install to install AdBlocker.
  • Done

2 InfinityTask: The users who were concerned about the background task 10 minute time limit, InfinityTask is for you. It simply removes 10 Minute time limit from background task manger and allows you to run app in the background for constant. It is hosted on BigBoss repository and you need to purchase it in $2.99

3 PadClock: This is a tiny jailbreak application that enable number pad on alarm clock and allows you to set alarm easily. It is optimized for iOS 11.1.2 and ARM64 based iDevices. PadClock is a free app by BigBoss repository.

4 MusicGestures: Do you wanna add more music gestures your music app. This beautiful tweak introduced by BigBoss repo source at free of cost. It adds many useful features. Music Gestures is developed by Chris Kant. You can easily run it on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

5 HiddenSettings7: Normally, you will not able to see hidden settings of Springboard. HiddenSettings 7 actually show those springboard settings. A lot of configurable options it has. Its a free tweak that requires latest firmware.


If you haven’t upgraded to latest firmware, you should upgrade it to get all these jailbreak app benefit. Before the next iOS update.

Till then, keep stay with us, we will bring another set of best jailbreak applications tomorrow…

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  1. Nightness says:

    I can not get InfinityTask working on iOS 10. ;(

  2. Jaden Sailor says:

    How do you get Cydia and how do I jailbreak my iPhone

  3. WaZeR Noa says:

    Anyone have a tweak to block ads for ALL APPLICATIONS ?

  4. Ant says:

    Can’t find AdBlocker in that repo, only AdBlockerNetworks. AdBlocker is on BigBoss for $2 and change.

    • helper says:

      I think they have patched up once again, anyways, great to see it again in the BigBoss.
      have you tried to look AdBlocker in that new repo?

  5. mankind pro says:

    hiddensettings7 looks good, does it support ios7

  6. gylo says:

    Does Infinitytask consume a lot of battery and system resources
    please confirm someone

  7. Guest says:

    What are the other features of PadClock?

  8. ryan says:

    I love adblocker. Its worth to install and as its free too

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