Now Install iOS Cracked Apps on iPhone, iPod and iPad using iPA Installer Cydia tweak

iPA Installer install iPA packages without the help of PC or Sync on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Previously, we have seen many PC applications such as iFunBox, 25pp, Kuaiyong etc. that install iOS Free apps (iPAs) on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Those PC applications require iDevice connection and Synchronization. In such case, it was impossible to install iPA apps without PC and Sync.


iPA Installer is a new Cydia tweak that install all iPA files on iOS device without help of PC or Sync. User need to install this Cydia app and done. After that you can install all iPA packages without an issue. It manages installation, uninstallation and much more. Its 100% free Cydia tweak which has been developed by Slugrail under utility section of BigBoss Repo.

iPA installer alternatives to install Free apps without jailbreak.

iPA Installer Features and Limitations

Its a Cydia tweak that can be installed only on jailbroken iOS device and this is the biggest limitation, if you haven’t jailbroken your iOS yet. Suppose, you haven’t jailbroken your iOS, use EvasiOn and if you can’t jailbreak, use iPA installer alternatives to install iPA apps without jailbreak.

1 User can install iPA packages directly from your iOS device, Its compatible to iOS 5+

2 There is no need to PC, iTunes or Sync to install iPA packages. You can get Free apps installed on the go.

3 New update has an option of uninstall option directly within the iPA installer application.

4 FAQ has been added that can be access directly from the app.


There are numerous PC applications that do the same job, however, I found this Cydia tweak very useful, because it works on iOS iDevice. Another best tweak release by BigBoss repo.

One thing that I forgot to mention is, It doesn’t work on iOS lower than iOS 5, so, make sure that you have upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 or higher than 5.

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  1. Nick says:

    Anyone know of where to get older versions of lets say chrome, or atomic?

    • Ben Parker says:

      Why you need older versions? Older versions always have bugs

    • faisal says:

      Yeah, you should download iPA Installer iOS 10 first and then just restore to older version on which you wanna go back. But, I would recommend to stay on most updated version to avoid bugs.

  2. tccawesome says:

    i got it from email attachment 🙂 yaya

  3. Gary says:

    Can’t install a ipa from a email attachment. Keeps saying I need to give a PayPal account. Does this seem right?

    • Michael Edward says:

      Don’t install any iPA from email attachments. Try to use iPA installer for iPAs which are stored in your local hard disk or phone storage
      email attachment can be virus

  4. Paul says:

    I need best iPA installer that’s it
    Please give me link to download it and way to install

  5. Carl John says:

    You don’t need iTunes to do what is explained in the video, I only used iTunes to get an example IPA file. You can get your IPA files from anywhere but i wanted to show a legal source. Also, the install itself doesn’t require iTunes.

  6. Osvaldo Rodrigo says:

    iPA installer iOS 10 is released even there may be iOS 10 installer will come out
    Upgrade your installer, new installer allows installing iPA files without computer

  7. Guest says:

    Cydia is improving….still crashes sometimes… (but improving day by day…recently gave option to add resources)… Installer simply rocks…in looks and features

  8. rock says:

    Is the Installer is out yet to be downloaded through the Cydia app? update on this..

  9. albert says:

    Is it possible to have both Cydia and installer 4.0 on your screen or springboard and both to operate at the same time?
    this is because I had installer on mine and later when my iPhone was upgraded I saw Cydia and I’m sometimes confused as where to find most of the programs I had using installer.
    and how do I get NES and GBA to play games on my iPhone?
    iOS 9.1

  10. Peete says:

    Installer 4 has no sources or programs… is it normal? Or is something wrong with my installer?

  11. kams says:

    Can you run installer without Cydia?

  12. Guest says:

    One can argue that by uploading the app to the App Store, the developer gives the rights to buy the app to Apple and that the only legal way to acquire a copy is purchasing it from Apple.

    Sure there is a lot of theft all over the place. That doesn’t mean stealing apps is right or justified. There are a lot of terrible things happening all over the world but that doesn’t mean everyone should abandon their morals and ethics because some people do. You can talk about the political theory behind capitalism and outsourcing and bad job conditions, but that really has nothing to do with app piracy. The developer gave his/her app to Apple to sell, and if you get the app from another source that the developer didn’t intend for, that’s a copyright infringement if the app is free and stealing if the app was supposed to cost money.

    iOS 9

    • J.D says:

      Dude, when I get Carded to buy an eminem album when I’ve seen him live. When I get carded to buy movies when I’m old enough to get them.

      I agreed untill it became easier to torrent etc….

  13. Bikaram says:

    I would seriously love to have jailbroken apps on my non-jailbroken iPad; like the multitask alternate someone had developed recently. (Forgot the name). All developers should come together and host their own app store; since it looks like jail-breaking is not necessary for installing external apps anymore. And since jailbreaking tablets has been deemed ‘illegal’ in USA, we really really need this.

    • Rush-hour2 says:

      Well all the pirating of apps is pretty bad, but what is really interesting is that it now seems like we can install jailbreak only apps onto non-jailbroken iOS devices. If this is true than that would be amazing. There would be no more need for jailbreaks and I can finally get BiteSMS and SBSetting on my iPhone 5!

  14. Hackulo says:

    iOS iOS 9.1
    The developer of Zeusmos (@uhelios) said the next version of Zeusmos will have links to Free apps removed:

    “- Zeusmos will no longer allow ease of access to App Store applications via the iTunes API nor any link providers (e.g. IPAStore, AppCake, iDwaneo)
    – There will be more rigid improvements in user awareness of installing unauthorized applications (listed in Zeusmos’s T&C)
    – Zeusmos will continue to never encourage the installation of applications that have been Free or pirated in any form.
    – Application sharing will be prohibited”

  15. Petrick_Cardo says:

    I have tested it and found it extremely useful. The good part is, it removes iTunes meta data and forcedly remove iPAs files after installation. Its so powerful tweak that works without iTunes. A true must have tweak for any jailbreak user who wanna install Free applications.

    • Michael Edward says:

      You’re absolutely right, it works without iTunes, PC and Sync support directly on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The condition is, you must have jailbroken iOS, because it is Cydia tweak.

      • Amanda says:

        Is there any solution for non-jailbroken iOS!!! I was curious using iPA installer without jailbreak my iOS. I have iPhone 5S on 8.1 that can’t be jailbreak. I have no option except alternatives.
        Help please

        • Michael Edward says:

          Dear amanda, its clearly mentioned above that you can’t install this Cydia tweak on non-jailbroken iDevices. However, there are still so many alternatives out there that can be used to install iOS Free applications on your non-jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Use it.

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