AppiShare iOS 11.1.2: Download Paid Apps 100% Free Without Jailbreak

Download AppiShare: The best iOS 11.1.2 tool to install jailbreak apps…

If you’ve iPhone or iPad and can’t use it at your own way, then it would be restriction on you and this shouldn’t be there for any iPhone users.

AppiShare is the tool that bring out you from those restriction and make your iPhone beautiful and enjoyable from Mac developer company’s restrictions.

Actually, there are certain restrictions have been applied to iOS firmware which won’t allow any iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch user to install any app that modify anything on your iOS system.

Now, if you wanna install any app that customize the look or let you play games and install game emulator, then you need Cydia installer. So, with the use of Cydia installer you can install best Cydia tweaks.

Without jailbreak only AppiShare can download all these apps and games to your iPad or iPhone. App i Share is nothing but another alternative to vShare Pro.

Now, you’d think why you need another alternative to vShared Pro? Actually, Apple has changed something in their developer chain and this change won’t allow AppVV app to install on it.

Thus, vShare not working on iPhone or iPad properly since couple of months. AppiShare iOS 11.1.2 is out from those changes and restrictions and so we can still enjoy vShare benefits from AppiShare. I think now you’ve got the idea.

So, AppiShare without jailbreak installs apps on iPhone. And, these apps are nothing but Cydia apps. But, you need patience and support because currently, AppiShare only allows user to install game emulator and some major apps.

If you wanna get full apps list, you can make a comment to get it…

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  1. Blah says:

    Doesn’t work

  2. B Man says:

    Curious if ifile or similar app will work

  3. I’d won’t feel shy to say thank you. Because I was faced a lot of issues installing vShared app. It was terrible comments to fix those bugs specially from iPhone app on which apple has put some hard restrictions. I did everything to fix it, but couldn’t fix it.

    Now, I’d install AppiShare from the official website and let me review this app for you once I install it. For now, I’d say AppiShare can be a great alternative app store and would become a great source to install free apps without jailbreak.

    But, I’m afraid too that Apple would restrict AppiShare too. Currently, I installed AppiShare iOS 10 and it works great. In the first impression, it looks something great similar to vShare.

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