How to Get Cydia Installer Without Jailbreak Again iOS 11.1.2

Cydia installer works on Jailbroken iOS device. You can install it, if Cydia is not working properly, crashing again and again and so on.

Suppose, you have jailbreak your iOS device and Cydia is not working properly or giving errors while installing apps, searching apps from default sources or any other, then you need to Reinstall Cydia using deb packages.

You can re-jailbreak too, it will also install Cydia again, however, you should fix the errors, if possible. In the end, if there is nothing to fix and still Cydia doesn’t work, then re-jailbreak.

How to Install Cydia

Cydia comes as an optional installer with every jailbreak utility. You don’t need to download and install it externally. But, in some cases, we need Cydia installer to install it. You can do it without jailbreak your iDevice again. Follow below troubleshooting steps…

1 Cydia Installer

If you have jailbroken your iOS device once, you can download Cydia installer from Saurik’s website and install it without jailbreak again. It comes in deb packages and can be install easily. It will fix all errors and updates default repo sources.

How to install Cydia on iPhone, iPod and iPad

2 Reinstall Cydia

If you are getting errors while accessing Cydia and it’s features, I would suggest you that you should fix those errors manually, before getting Cydia installer for fresh installation.

How to Reinstall Cydia
How to Fix Cydia Errors

3 Update it

Sometimes after updating to new installer version, errors may be fixed automatically. I have seen many cases, user need to update their Cydia installer to fix the errors.

How to Update Installer

4 OpenAppMkt Installer

If you are looking for Cydia without jailbreak or jailbreak + Cydia installer, then OpenAppMkt is the best place ever. However, we can not say with guarantee that it will work or not, because we have never tested those packages. But, I have seen a installer that is made by Take a look at that picture…


How to Get Cydia

How to get Cydia without Jailbreak from OpenAppMkt


Without jailbreak, its very low chance that you will get working Cydia installer at all. But yes, if you have jailbreak once upon a time, you can update, reinstall and fix Cydia installer easily.

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  4. george says:

    hi i have all i device and i want to jailbreak also i try to many times to work jailbreak but it doesn’t work. Does jailbreak work Africa(Ethiopia)??

    • Yes, jailbreak works everywhere, but the condition is, there should be jailbreak available for the firmware that you’re using. Suppose, you’re on iOS 10 and the jailbreak developers have released Cydia iOS 10, you can’t use it.
      I hope this would help you.

  5. @cy says:

    so can I have both Cydia and the installer for iPhone 3G on my new iPhone?
    I already have Cydia but where can I find the installer for the 3G?

  6. yanks says:

    Not even close, Cydia is much much better than installer. There are a whole lot of more apps available for download in Cydia. Frankly, I think putting installer on your iPhone or iPod touch is a waste of time. Cydia is definitely the way to go
    iOS 9.1

  7. James says:

    I got my iPhone 2g unlocked and I have both CYDIA and INSTALLER, and I want application but am afraid of locking up my iPhone, can someone explain how I can get application free? am scared to click on this Cydia thing.

  8. ron says:

    My iPhone 3g is jailbroken and I have Cydia and installer however when I download apps from either they don’t show up as an icon or in the winterboard (themes) but they do show up as installed on the phone but for some reason I can’t use them even after I restarted my phone…Is there something I’m not doing or something else I need to install please help.
    iOS iOS 9.1

  9. Kenny says:


    I was reading around I think you might have to change your settings in Cydia to “User” and make sure your are not logged in as a hacker or Developer… Because if you are you are downloading apps which are meant for developing the brilliant apps out there… hope that helps!

  10. justin says:

    hi there… is there a java platform for the iPhone yet…. I have just jailbroken my iPhone this week and have not been able to find a java platform… I have many games and chat facilities that run on java and cant use them because of the iPhone not running java. I do know that the developers of the software for the chat programs are looking at creating applications for iPhone but they are not even close to being ready for release. please could you get back to me at also I live in south Africa and my carrier does not have the OTA settings for iPhone… where can I find these

    looking forward to some1s help
    best regards

  11. Kian says:

    I have a 16 gb jailbreak 2G IPhone which have the Cydia 2.0 Installer. I have been given a 16gb 3G IPhone that need not be jailbroken. I find your Cydia 2.0 Installer fantastic can download Cydia 2.0 Installer and used in 3G IPhone. Please advise

  12. Camie says:

    I had an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone once before with Cydia. it was giving to me like that and I loved it. however it was on the verge of failing and did. I got another one for Christmas and had the same friend that gave me my last one jailbreak my new one for me. however this time Cydia isn’t on in. I tried the entering address in the source part of Installer but it says it’s invalid. I have no idea what firmware I have. So what do I do now to get Cydia?

  13. Dakota says:

    Is it true that when you put Cydia on your iPod touch that it will void the warranty?

    • louguiga says:

      it won’t void the warranty, but, as far as I know, its an illegal thing to do. so if something happens with your iPhone and someone from the apple store tells you that it was because of the jailbreak there’s nothing they can do.

      once again, I think its illegal…
      iOS 9

  14. Rocky says:

    How do i add new source link to my Cydia and installer for jailbroken 2G phone.. can any one help me out with these….plz

  15. Jo-Leah Gray says:

    I just bought a jailbroken 8G iPhone and everything was looking great. I was checking out all of the icons when I touched Cydia to see what it was and EVERYTHING on the phone disappeared! One icon remains which is UTube and nothing else. Seriously, where did it go and how do I get everything back?!

  16. Gillian says:

    When I click on the Cydia Icon on the iPhone a box appears saying ‘who are you? not all packages available via Cydia are designed to be used by all users. Please categorize yourself so that Cydia can applu helpful filters’

    It then lets me choose from 3 options, – user (graphic only), Hacker or developer. it doesn’t matter which one I choose it just takes me back to the main page of icons and I cant get into Cydia.

    Does anyone know how to fix this…?

  17. salem says:

    how do I even install it on my iPod I cant find it in the app store or iTunes where can i go to get installer/Cydia. I’m so frustrated right now!

  18. Carbion says:

    I install Cydia and now is coming an error telling me to springboard has been crash, and I have to reboot when I reboot I getting freeze my slide to unlock is not working and is keeping rebooting all the the time. I have to wait till battery is over and then it will work when I start charging it but in safe mode.

  19. Thi ha says:

    How to install cydia

  20. mymy says:

    When trying to install Cydia (blackrain) installation always crashes (timeouts and so on) is there a way to download Cydia-Application with PC?
    Download link?

  21. tabanga says:

    hi I have Iphone 3g 16 GB and installed cydia but i want also the installer app , can any 1 help me and show me the way 2 have them both

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