CallPlus iOS – iOS 11: Ultimate Calling Cydia Tweak for iPhone

CallPlus Cydia tweak released for iPhone running latest jailbreak…

Very few tweaks have been released for calling related section. And most of them are not so useful. CallPlus tweak is truly useful and has bunch of new features and functions.

CallPlus gives your iPhone more features, power and comfort while using phone app. You’re getting a new Screen Dialer, ultimate protection on Touch ID Call and many more such features.

Nowadays, many users just use video call, text and other way of communication while they want to connect with their friends and relatives. In such way, the old and actual phone feature is missed out. CallPlus tweak brings some essential functions that any iPhone or basic phone should have.

You can easily found CallPlus on BigBoss repo source. As its paid tweak, you want to pay $1.50 to get life time update from the developer. The main feature that this tweak offers is, you can connect with your most closed friends or relatives from anywhere of your iPhone screen.

Once after CallPlus has been installed on your iPhone, the app would add a dialer on your lock screen and a shortcut for calling to your favorite contact number instantly.

When you check this demonstration where a YouTube user has uploaded a video where he is demonstrating the tweak, there are many really useful features. One can connect some quick numbers very quickly.

A completely new settings pane has been added to the Settings app from where you can customize CallPlus app on your iPhone. You’re allowed to add some favorite numbers to the app switcher and other screens to call immediately to your favorite numbers.

There are few Cydia Sources available on the jailbreak community that offer CallPlus free app, but please aware of such app which has been cracked or hacked. You can comment and ask for any info regarding this Cydia tweak.

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