Emus4u iOS 11 – iOS 11.1: Download Emus IPA for iPhone, iPad

Emus4u IPA for iPhone, iPad…

iOS 10 or iOS 11 installed device without jailbreak would want to know the process of installing Emus4u game emulator for iPhone or iPad devices. So today, we’re going to mention exact method to have this game emulator exclusive on your iPhone running iOS 11.0.3 or iOS 11.1.2 firmware.

Emus4u represent the combination of different emulator in one without jailbreak and without having any kind of computer or iTunes installed. You can download Emus4u and install it without need of Cydia or jailbreak.

Its just like an installer like vShare, TutuApp and AppValley released by various developers that can also be installed without jailbreak that we’ve mentioned in our articles before.

If TutuApp not working or game emulator that you want is not available in vShare then you can try Emus4u which is really useful for all devices whether it is jailbreak or not jailbroken.

Emus4u iOS app is compatible for:

iPhone, iPod, iPad running iOS 11, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2.1.x and all other non jailbreaking device too. 

How to Install Game Emulators or Jailbreak apps using Emus4u

To follow these steps and install Emus4u, you wont require any computer or Cydia impactor that were needed in all other methods that we’ve mentioned in previously.

  1. You don’t need computer or any app, because their website cab be accessed using Safari browser after connecting to internet. So, enable WiFi and head to Installer.net
  2. Once page is loaded completely, you’d see the information regarding the app with features and and other things. After reading whole page, you’d notice button that would say, “Install Onto Your iDevice”.
  3. System would ask you to open Settings app and try to install, just tap on “Allow” or “Yes” button on the page. During installation, System would ask your Passcode, just allow you and give your Passcode.
  4. Website would install Emus4u on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device.
  5. After successful installation, head to Settings again and open Device management from General section. There you’d see Profile settings, tap on it and trust the Emus developer profile to make it trusted.
  6. Done.


Emus4u iOS 11.0.3: Apple is preparing developers friendly firmware and in the process, they’ve released iOS 11.0.3 with new file system. They’re constantly improving the firmware.

Emus4u iOS 11.1: The new iOS 11.1.2 is fully supported firmware for the app. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus device have been added to the supported device list.

After completing these steps, you’d be able to use Emus4u on your Apple device, if you’re facing any other error or issue, you can make a comment to ask help from us. We hope, you won’t get any error during installation or Emus4u not working situation.


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