CCTools Cydia Tweak: The Best Control Center App to Customize your iPhone, iPad CC

Download CCTools iOS 11.1.2 for iPhone, iPad

We’ve reviewed a bunch of tweaks, and most of are really useful. Today, I’d like to redirect your attention to the app which has ability to customize your control center. It’s one of the best Control Center Cydia Tweak.

It’s new so you may not know what is it. This tweak is known as CCTools control center Cydia tweak. It’s developed specially for control center to customize.

CCTools is compatible for most of the devices that run on iOS 9.3 or lower firmware, but it must be jailbroken. After jailbreak, you can install CCTools without any restrictions.

Developer may ask you to pay couple of cents in order to hands on CCTools, but you can get this tweak for free from HackYouriPhone with CCTools Free full version app.

So, you may want to know that which are the features and why you should look into CCTools as best Control Center Cydia tweak. Okay, let’s figure out features.

CCTools Features…

This new Cydia tweak basically brings bunch of settings to hide, show, enable or disable couple of sections, toggles or shortcuts from Control Center. This is how, you can hide the sections which you don’t use.

Take a look in details…

  1. Hide CC Toggles: This section is located in the settings penal under CCTools Cydia tweak. You can hide, show, enable or disable any toggle that you don’t wanna use.
  2. Hide CC Shortcuts: Same as above. This setting would overwrite your control center and hide or show couple of shortcuts from Control Center.
  3. Now come to third feature. Users can hide separator which is located before Dark Bright control. The very next option would allow you hide completely brightness option from control Center. But, I’d suggest you that don’t use CCTools’s this feature because Brightness control is important in CC.
  4. Hide Media: CCTools users can hide media controllers and along with separators around it.
  5. Highlight Airdrop: After installation of CCTools, users can highlight AirPlay AirDrop sections.
  6. Users can enable or disable couple of effects from Control center while opening or closing ControlCenter.

I’m personally using CCTools Cydia app on my iPhone and iPad that helps me to hide couple of sections from Control Center that I hate.

This tweak is available in BigBoss Cydia Source, but as I said that developer can ask you to pay. You can still get CCTools for free. Just leave a comment below…

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  1. Magic says:

    Could some one help, I’m trying to install some updates without success, During the download I got a error message “size mismatch” please help.

  2. Jackey says:

    Why you don’t get it free from biteyourapple. why we add HYI repo source when other Cydia sources available to offer the same tweak for free. CCTools Cydia hack is really great.

    • Dany says:

      Where did you get the dominoes? We got a tin of them (we have the 0-12 spot set) and it includes the Train setup as well as very clear and easy to read iniuntctsors. Perhaps it’s just the version or the manufacturer that’s mucked it up. Did you ever figure out how to play the game? If you want, I could maybe copy our rules and send them to you (if I can find them) if you still need them.

  3. Gyle says:

    Hey, is it true that we can hide airdrop from control center?

    • Marelo says:

      Yeah man, it’s really super Cydia tweak for control center. I can actually hide all those irritating sections from control center. Actually, I don’t like airdrop and useless quick launch section. I found CCTools and it did all the job.

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