Top 3 iPhone Control Center Cydia Tweaks: CCMore, CCControls, CCSettings, CCQuick

CCMore, CCControls, CCQuick and CCSettings are a few best Control Center Cydia tweaks for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Mini and of course for iPad Air.

Yeah, today I’m gonna talk about control center tweaks. I got a lot of requests about sharing top notch Cydia apps specially for iPhone Control Center and here it is.

Remember, these tweaks are not end of the list of control center apps, but there are a bunch of Cydia apps for that, but I’ve found these as the best options available for control center.


If you wanna expand your control center with more features, you can go for CCMore Cydia tweak. This tweak is amazing as it works with swipe and users can use quick launch apps within control center without quit from any active app of the screen.

Once it installed, you’re ready to chose what is best for you. You’ve option to choose default control center app from Calculator, Timer, Notes, Camera and last used app. Yeah, if you use calculator most, you can set it default control center and the next time it would be pop up as control center and you don’t need to quite your current app to access calculator.

Suppose, you don’t wanna set it default, you can swipe left to access same calculator, timer, camera or notes at the same method. Further more, CCMore allows user to put Notes app as fifth app icon to the quick launch icons at the bottom of control center.

It costs $1.99 and available on BigBoss repo.


CCControls Cydia tweak comes with couple of cool control center icon themes which can be applied without respiring your iPhone. Yeah, you can choose which item should be on Control center along with completely customization quick launch section.

Furthermore, user can change control center icons using CCControls settings. This is how, CCControls tweak is also very good and available for latest firmware for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.


I don’t like to double tap Home button to close existing apps from background. I don’t like it even my son can’t double tap on Home button to exit from multiple opened background apps at once. Thanks to CCQuick Cydia tweak.

Really, CCQuick app is one of the best Control center Cydia tweak available on jailbreak AppStore. CCQuick tweak adds up to 4 more icons to quick launch icons at the bottom of Control center where one app icon allows user to close all the active open apps from control center.


I love to access couple of most useful features such as Reboot, Respring, Volume Control and much more. CCSettings offers these options to me easily.

However, CCControls has better options for this such as you can change app icons too, but you can use both of these tweaks at the same time.

CCSettings Cydia tweak also available on BigBoss repo. You can purchase it access your favorite quick launch features using CCSettings.

I hope, you’ve enjoyed these tweaks. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on these tweaks…

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