iMessage Error iOS 11.1.2: Waiting for Activation for iPhone, iPad

Waiting for Activation error is pretty common on iMessage iOS 11.1.2…

iOS may contain bugs because each new firmware has new features and improvements but most of the users face iMessage “Waiting for Activation” almost on every firmware.

Recently released iOS 11.1.2 is also in the list where users are complaining about iMessage not working due to waiting for activation error.

Users either don’t know that they need to activate iMessage or somehow they don’t know why iMessage gives waiting for activation error.

In most cases, I found that while you use new sim, you’re just asked to send a message and your iMessage and FaceTime would be activated while in some cases it makes us crazy because of waiting for activation message again and again appears on iMessage.

But, I would add here that you can easily activate iMessage by fixing waiting for activation message. I won’t say waiting for activation is error because it just asks you to activate iMessage, that’s it.

How to activate iMessage and fix Waiting for Activation Message

There are couple of things which must be understand before start approaching to fix iMessage waiting for activation…

  1. Double check you phone number in the phone app. You’d notice your phone number on the top of the screen.
  2. Most of the time, date and time plays a great role for waiting for activation error message on iMessage. So, correct it.
  3. You should have sufficient balance in your sim card to activate iMessage.
  4. Make sure that your WiFi or mobile data is enabled and working fine.

If you’ve done above things or checked above things properly, proceed to below steps one by one and check that iMessage is stopped giving Waiting for Activation message or not…

Airplane Mode

It sounds really wired but it’s really work. AirPlane Mode plays important role on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While you’re on Airplane mode, most of the services and apps stopped getting real time update or simply they shut off and don’t work in the background.

So, do following thing to fix Waiting for activation using Airplane mode method…

  1. First, disable iMessage, FaceTime using Settings app.
  2. Now, you want to swipe up control center and enable Airplane mode, and your WiFi would be switched OFF, don’t worry. Turn your WiFi ON.
  3. Now, go to iMessage and try to activate it by turning it ON.
  4. Fill the information if asked and then head to control center and Switch OFF Airplane mode.
  5. You’d get notice that Carrier may charge for SMS, you should be happy with that.
  6. Now, head to iMessage and turn it OFF and ON again.
  7. Done, you’d get message that iMessage has been activated successfully.

Note, iMessage, “Waiting for Activation” message would be disappear then. Suppose, you’re still getting same wired message, head to second method.

Apple ID Sign In, Out

iMessage is related with Apple ID, so it may be possible that your Apple ID is causing Waiting for activation iMessage error.

To fix this, you can follow below steps…

  1. Head to Settings app and under Message section, tap on “Send & Receive” option.
  2. You’d see Apple ID, turn it OFF by Sign Out and turn Off iMessage also.
  3. Now, wait for couple of minutes and then turn On iMessage, it would ask you for Apple ID, sign in.
  4. Once you enter your Apple ID again, try to activate iMessage again.

Done, it should be activated successfully.

Refresh Everything

Suppose above everything don’t work in your side and you still facing iMessage waiting for activation screen, you need to reset whole data and content on your phone. Make sure that after reseting your iPhone, your first step should be activating iMessage.

Smart Tip

Many times comments are the best way to get fixed issues related to your iPhone. You should also use comments and discussion to fix Waiting for activation iMessage issue and you’d see that how responsive our experts are.

Have you fixed iMessage, Waiting for Activation message???

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple just call ur network operator and request for a 4g sim , enter the 4g sim with ur same mobile number and turn on 4g , within 2 minutes ur iPhone will request u to send messages to activate iMessages click OK . That it in a moment I messages will be activated .

  2. Hank Moody says:

    Oh, thanks man.
    I was out of balance to send SMS and I didn’t even bother about it ever. Finally recharging my Sim with couple of dollars, I successfully activated iMessage and now no more waiting for activation error out there.

    • ljethro93 says:

      Thanks for confirmation, I also recharged my iPhone for iMessage activation and successfully completed waiting for activation error solution. You rock.

  3. Alec Miguel Miranda says:

    My data and time was incorrect and so I was getting waiting for activation error while activation iMessage, after correcting that, the error has been disappeared.

  4. Lucy S says:

    Hey there,

    I want to know that suppose I tried to reset or restore my iPhone, should waiting for activation error can be fixed? I mean I have to put all the data on risk so before activating iMessage using this method, I need some clarification.

  5. Ame Barnes says:

    I’m facing annoying error. I’m out of USA and while traveling, I accidentally turned Airplane mode off. I got message that iMessage and FaceTime got deactivated. After this message, I tried to activate iMessage and FaceTime again but the try was unsuccessful.

    I tried contacting to my Carrier and got to know that it can’t be activating while traveling outside USA. I think that Airplane mode trick would work in this case and tried the trick, unfortunately, I’m still getting iMessage activation error, which stats waiting for activation.

    Does airplane mode trick work only in USA?

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried each and every step mentioned above, but non of these tricks work on my iPhone. What to do now to get rid of waiting for activation error message while activating iMessage and FaceTime? My FaceTime not working!!!

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