iNoCydia iOS 11.1.2: Install Cydia Without Jailbreak

iNoCydia is quick way to install Cydia…

Apple is releasing new and new firmware update for iPhone and iPad. It has new features and functions and ability to handle all the challanges such as Jailbreak and hackers.

In most of the cases, Apple patched nearly all the exploits before release new firmware. This forced jailbreak developers to put their hands down and now, we can see there isn’t jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2.

In such situations, you can’t install Cydia at all, but if you wanna get Cydia installer in all the way, you can use iNoCydia for your iPhone.

iNoCydia is not Cydia alternative and you won’t able to install any Cydia tweaks that changes features or functions but still you’d have Cydia app on your desktop and you can download iFile, F.lux and other jailbreak apps including GBA, NDS and PSP game emulator without jailbreak.

I think above things are enough to install without jailbreak. You won’t install Cydia, but using iNoCydia, you’d get at least these apps and tweaks.

We found that many sites are creating misunderstanding and thus users look iNoCydia as Cydia alternative and so they install it to get some exclusive Cydia apps which are not available on iNoCydia installer.

The developers of iNoCydia know these things so that they’ve clearly mentioned that they can’t be able to install jailbreak apps at any way, but certain apps can be installed after signing them with iNoCydia certificate and this is the thing they’re doing.

Other Cydia alternatives: Just like iNoCydia, there are other alternatives which partly allowing users to install Cydia tweaks¬†without jailbreak. Below are few of them…

Would you install Cydia using these alternatives?

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  1. Rjmiller says:

    I just need to get VNC server running on my iPAD mini so I can login in remotely to do support

    If I understand correctly, this means I will have to root

  2. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    inocydia is just a time waste just like iOSEmus. I’ve installed both of these Cydia installer, but believe me you can’t install actual apps using these installer. I tried hard to install F.lux, but I couldn’t.

  3. Brian Chiem says:

    OpenAppMkt is better option, it doesn’t keep large part of your storage and it opens quickly. In overall performance, OpenAppMkt beats inocydia.

    But, none of these Cydia installer install Cydia by any means.

  4. Arman gamer says:

    I installed inocydia but it doesn’t install any Cydia tweaks without jailbreak. Yeah, you can get all those scrap such as MovieBox, GBA and all that. Simply, you can get all those things easily from other web apps too. Why you need iNoCydia?

  5. Attila Morvai says:

    Now, everybody want jailbreak but don’t want to pay anything because everybody needs free. inocydia can be a great option for these folks

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