Install0us Alternatives iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2 To Get Paid Apps for Free – Download Now

InstallOus iOS 9 alternatives help you to install many paid apps at free of cost. AppCake, AppAddict and AppTrackr are the good options. Great replacement…

Installous Repo attracts many jailbroken users who has installed it in their iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3 or 6.1.4. has large database of paid apps which they offer at free of cost. Installous also made by developers. Many iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users jailbreak their iOS to get Installous source installed.

It could be installed in iOS 6+ and allows users to download paid apps and games at free charge. But, now Installous is no more. Recently, has confirmed that they have been shut down due to hosting issues. Actually, their hosting is ended where all the repos and sources were stored and now Installous repo and apps are gone. You are no longer able to use it to install paid apps.

However, there are couple of great alternatives to Installous 5 that offer the same features and paid apps installation in a better way, as they can be install on iOS 9, 7.1 too. Oh yeah, you need to Jailbreak iOS 9 and get Cydia to install these alternatives. EvasiOn is the tool that can jailbreak your iOS 9.0.2 easily.

But, if you have already jailbroken your iOS 6 or 7, then its time to explore those Installous alternatives that are on our radar of top apps list. Actually, there are many tweaks and apps that offer paid apps installation, tweaks and mods, however, finding a best out of them is tough job. So we have hands on couple of Top alternatives to source to provide your a best top list.

Alternatives That Can Beat Installous in Features

So, here are those alternatives that allow you to install third party .IPA files without installing an Installous. You should them first.

1 AppCake: It is a best Cydia installer to install paid apps. We have published a detailed guide on this app. AppCake is developed by They update it regularly and add newly launched paid apps and tweaks. AppCake also comes in the top list of alternative for Installous. It offers great stuff such as source offers. But after closing, AppCake becomes more popular among them who want more control on their iOS device. AppCake allows you to install free tweaks and apps that customize your iOS and add more features to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. AppCake HD also available for HD devices.

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2 vShare: It is on the second position on our Installous alternatives list. Actually, when we hands on vShare, we feel the same experience which we’d with Installous. It offers same paid apps at free of charge with better features. It download and install .IPA files faster than any other alternatives. When, we visited their forum community, we met all the same professionals and users who were actually using forum and community. With the same stuff, supports and better interface and features, vShare is on the second on this list. vShare also known as App VV.

  • vShare Repo :
  • How to install vShare

3 iFunBox: When we put hands on iFunBox, we were extremely satisfied. It is not only one of the great alternatives for Installous, but also a file manager that manages .iPA and other files like a charm. It also has great popularity among users who are looking alternatives to installous. Now iFunBox 2 is available, so, you will not need to wary about any bug any more. Furthermore, Installous was facing incompatibility on iOS 6+ while iFunbox’s good part is it works great on iOS 6+ iDeviecs. It is available for Windows and MAC OS.

  • iFunBox Repo :

From Editor’s Desk

There are many Cydia app installer that claim that they are best, but when we hands on couple of these alternatives to Installous, we have find out these top 3 shots that can fulfill your needs as installing paid apps at free of charge. You have noticed only these three alternatives one the top list.

There are two more installer that we have tried and those are Zeusmos and AppAddict. Both of these alternatives offer free app installation and a few features like Installous. However, we suggest top 3 Installous alternatives, if you are looking for same features.

iOS 9 users can get app installer from iJailbreakPro or evasiOn. If you are already trying any alternative app installer, don’t forget to share them with our readers. Each of your suggested app installer will be added in a separate column.

  • mynameis

    use this link featu. re/8x7gz2

  • Louis Wigg

    I just updated my iPad to 9.0.2, what do I need to get to get paid games again

    • Jack

      You should look for vshare without jailbreak

  • Ben Parker

    I think we should try AppCake or vShare rather than installOus
    Now this is the best time to consider install0us alternatives
    We’re at iOS 9 and iOS 9 would be the next. We should forget about iOS 5


    dont forget to read my blog


    i will install right now thx u

  • Heartless Nobodies

    i prefer you guys to jailbreak your ipad/iphone with TaiG and include the other one (chinese) and Cydia. in that chinese apps you can download free paid apps instantly

  • Tania

    i downloaded some apps from installous.. Does anyone know if there is a way to install them to my new iPhone without having to jaibreak phone. They are on my iTunes already but when installed on phone they are dark and when I click on the they say installing but nothing happens

    • Danny

      because the iPhone identify the app which u haven’t but it without jailbreak . u must jailbreak again that the apps could be used

  • Kaeila Hrim

    Evad3rs do not make jailbreak for 8+ that’s Pangu – it’s sad journalists can’t even do their homework

    • Kyle_Maloney

      With all the grammatical and spelling errors that’s the least of their problems.

  • Sal

    AppCake works great on my iphone 4s iOS 9.1
    Must install Appsync along with app cake and enjoy the games

  • Gibson

    what about Zeusmos iOS 9? it’s also one of the best Install0us alternatives
    it works on iOS 9 iPhone 5s

    • Anonymous

      They did mention Zeusmos

      • miles

        zeusmos dont work it says found no download links?

  • JK Colin

    Please someone suggest me the best Install0us alternatives
    I can’t hold the news that it has been shut down
    why so sudden, it must not do like that
    please help
    I hve ipad mini 2, iphone 5S

    • MHD MZ

      installous has been shut down since the release of ios 6 jailbreak… the alternatives mentioned above do the same job you can install any one of them … u need a jailbroken device with cydia working on it

      • Gibson

        what’s about iPAStore iOS 9?
        does iPAStore work on iPad GPA and iPhone?

      • boo poo

        its sad that installous was the best to get free paid apps

  • macy

    25pp is the best alternative to InstallOus iOS 9
    I’ve installed and it works like a charm on iPad Air, iPhone 5s
    but I don’t know how to download Free iPA file using this app?

    • Gibson

      25PP English version is not available for iOS 9, so we can’t count it as the best installOus alternatives

  • rusell

    Is there working alternative to Install0us iOS 9 for iPad Air, iPad Mini?

  • Smjpo Knfyl

    use this link featu. re/8x7gz2 to get iTunes, Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash

  • Amy

    Simple. Just go to the updates section of Installous. In there, there should be a list of all the available updates. :) Hope this helped :)

    • Gerald Cyrus

      My one completely works, but doesn’t show anything in the search even when I type something, doesn’t show anything in home, etc

  • Sophia

    when i get an app it downloads and sometimes it installs and sometimes it gives me the ipa error but if it installs, i’ll start the app and it’ll start for about 2 seconds then it’ll go back to my home menu… wtf..

  • miky

    Have any suggestion for Install0us alternative?

    • Helper

      I would say iAPPatcher and iAP Free as it’s best alternatives
      none of other tweaks work like that

      • gary

        I’m looking for install0us iOS 9 for iPad Mini 2 iOS 9.0.5 and not any alternative to Install0us
        please give me link of working version of hackulous iOS 9

        • Helper

          Perhaps you’re new to jailbreak, okay

          Install0us was for iOS 6 and older idevice which has been shut down in the earlier 2013. There wasn’t any install0us iOS 9 or Hackulous iOS 9

          i hope this will make it clear

      • miles

        how do i get them

  • ipad2ios7

    it doesent seems like appvv or appcake is working at all or at least wery poorly. update cydia and it takes away appcake…doh. appvv is crashing all the time when trying to download anything. its been like this since installous dissapered. wtf. cant seem to get anything to work anymore. tried zeusmos…doesent work…..tried allmost anything there is outthere….anyone got any ideas…or a hint.

  • iPad Air

    There isn’t any alternative for installOus
    it was best

    • Jailbreak meister

      Linkstore is the best alternative i think.

  • Johnny

    vShare iPad 3 iOS7: installed, but apps won’t download. It says “source may have changed”. Any help?

    • Helper

      vShare has some issues with iPad Air and iPad Mini
      better to try appcake. Its best alternative for InstallOus

  • Hotschatz04

    No compatible with iphone 5??

  • nurd

    InstallOus iOS 9 is not working, how to fix it?

  • Nerdasaur

    Appcake tested working on 8.1 iPhone 4

  • symond

    which is the best 2015 installous alternative

  • Danger ios

    You can download but than you can’t install :$

  • gomse

    Need install0us 7 for iPad Air
    is it really live

  • lenwill parde

    I have ipad2 4.3.2 how can i install cydia without jailbreaking it?

    • lenwill parde

      Its not working.. How to jailbreak my ipad 4.3.2? Where can i go?

      • Elena

        I already know how to use it but how do you update the games without deleting them and installing them again? Because if I do that it losses all of my data from the game… Help?

    • newbie guest

      Is it install0us or installous?

    • Anonymous

      installing cydia is jailbreaking ya nub

  • pwn

    I’ve jailbreak my iphone 5s and i wanna install0us alternatives, i searched on google for install0us, but i couldn’t find any good install0us alternatives. after install0us shut down, i don’t like jailbreak
    please link me any good alternatives to install0us
    install0us iOS 9.1

  • cody

    it works, tested

    • gyle

      in which device? iPhone 5 or 3Gs? are you okay?

  • pandora

    anybody have tested installous alternatives for ios8.1?

  • Ryan

    I need installous for iOS 9.1 iphone 5c, please provide download link that work without jailbreak, can I install install0us iOS 9.1 without jailbreak and cydia?

    • Gyle Mark

      I don’t think so, because iOS 9 jailbreak has not released yet. Actually, I was also looking install0us alternatives for iOS 9.1 beta for my iPad Air

      • Savannah

        So I did everything you said, and when I try to install an app that isn’t through magnet, it gives me a white screen. If it helps, I have an iPod 2g on iOS 4.2.1 I’d appreciate any help. Thanks.

  • Victor

    is there any news about iOS 9.1 Installous? I wanna try alternatives for my iOS 9.1 without jailbreak
    Can we install cydia, apps without jailbreak. I recently purchased iPhone 5c

    • Guest

      Forget Install0us alternative for iOS 9.1 because jailbreak is not ready for this firmware. You must wait till the release of iOS 9.1
      Oh yeah, there are so many alternatives for iOS 9, try Kuaiyong, AppCake, vShare or iFunBox for PC

      • Carl

        Does it work on iOS 9.1 or iOS 9.1, I wanna best alternative to Installous for iPhone 5S

      • Guest

        installous is not available for ios8.1 dear

        • Lauren

          And also, my connection speed is better than this I don’t know why the speed is under 100kb/sec. I also tried yesterday in another free app store download Modern Combat 3 1.4.0 version but the download froze and no progress was made. I click home button and went back and the app was gone I opened Modern Combat 3 and it tells me to update Ugh wasted hours I hope Installous 5 works my app is currently downloading

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