iOS 10 Jailbreak Demoed by PanGu, Trying to beat TaiG by Jailbreak iOS 9.3.4

PanGu comes with iOS 10 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad…

Apple released iOS 10 which is full of features which are so called jailbreak inspired. The users who have tried their beta update on iPhone or iPad might feel the touch of Cydia tweaks in control center and notification center.

iOS 10 brings a lot of other features which are also inspired by Cydia installer tweaks. Now, it’s completely clear that Apple focusing on preventing PanGu and as well as TaiG team to release their jailbreak iOS 10.

They got partial success in preventing PanGu iOS 9.2.1, iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak and it seems like they’d be success in preventing PanGu iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak too.

However, PanGu is smarter than Apple and they’ve find out some exploits which are compatible for iOS 10 jailbreak. PanGu successfully demonstrated jailbreak 10 and installed Cydia iOS 10 as well.

As PanGu jailbreak was for iOS 10 and based on iOS 10 beta so they didn’t released it yet but if Apple fails to patch those vulnerabilities, PanGu would release the first ever jailbreak for iOS 10.

PanGu has successfully show their jailbroken iPhone in the even which is held in China at MOSEC 2016 which is known as Jailbreak conference and I consider it as best afford to be active in jailbreak community for working each and every firmware to find opportunity.

This event and iOS 10 jailbreak demonstration have proved that PanGu is active in jailbreaking and actually they’re working to release jbreak 10.

While demonstration, PanGu uploaded a bunch of screenshot from the iPhone which has installed Cydia. The iPhone was running on iOS 10 which PanGu has successfully proved. They uploaded a lot of screenshots to prove that the phone was running on iOS 10 jailbreak.

While another good and even great news is, PanGu may release iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak too. PanGu has finally replied some Twitter users with the query of jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 that they’re planning to release jailbreak 11.1.2 as soon as Apple would release their next stable version of iOS 11.1.2.

According to some trusted sources, Saurik is gonna bring some exciting features and redesigned Cydia iOS 10 which may work in iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak too. PanGu may be in contact with Saurik for Cydia iOS 11.1.2 and as well big update for iOS 10 too.

Bottom Line of iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

At this stage, it’s final that PanGu is working on jailbreak iOS 10. But, if they’d be fail to release iOS 10 jailbreak, they may release jailbreak iOS 11.1.2. And since, they’re working hard to explore more and more exploits, the chances are high to see next major jbreak untethered tool for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 7.

Now, we want to see what happens when Apple would release next update for iOS 10 because each new beta update would make the case harder for PanGu. Apple has successfully patched exploits from iOS 9.2, iOS 11.1.2 and a bunch of older firmware in the past.

We’d try to post each and every update in the series of iOS 10 jailbreak. Stay tuned with us…

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  1. Caryl says:

    If there’s no jailbreak there’s no sense in having an iPhone, without it’s JUNK! Plain as that! It’s no better than a child’s play toy without jailbreak

  2. kiramuddin says:

    I will never purchase any iPhone without jailbreak “iPhone is nothing without jailbreak “

    • Eni says:

      I’ve also have same feelings that we should not use iPhone a scrap of Apple without jailbreak. Cydia can make it as a pro phone, but without it, all things are just scrap.

  3. Ditoke says:

    All bla bla THE announced now and when Apple release THE public al holes are Closed so of they bring à public out i believe iT but how iT looks now jailbreak is dead

    • ljethro93 says:

      Apple should be thankful to PanGu who is working for jailbreak iOS 10 for free without any charge. They are allowing Cydia users to install a lot of beautiful apps and tweaks which give Apple an idea to develop their device better than Apple.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How to jailbreak iOS 10 using Mac? I’ve el Capitan and I’m thinking to go up to MacOS which is known as MacOS Sierra. There’s a lot more updates coming but I’m nube in jailbreaking please help

  5. Michael Bemelmans says:

    Is iOS 10 jailbreak out? I can downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10 if there’s jailbreak 10 exist. So, please help me out and give me download links for this tool.

    I’ve iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone and I could pay to the developers for their great work if they’d offer me paid Cydia.

  6. Attila Morvai says:

    Thanks for some positive updates about jailbreak 10 and one for iOS 10 but I don’t trust on any team because all of them are from China and English developers have stopped working on these firmware. Yeah, I would definitely jailbreak iOS 10 and iOS 10 if iH8Snow would release their untethered tool for iOS 10 or iOS 10.

    • Joseph Silva says:

      For your goodness iH8sn0w has demoed their jailbreak iOS 10 on beta 1 which was uploaded on YouTube and I’m sure that this achievement inspired PanGu too for their solution of untethered tool. I’m quite confident that iPhone 7 would be lucky to get early jailbreak iOS 10 or at least iOS 10 jailbreak.

    • says:

      How to Add BigBoss Repo Source on Cydia

  7. Jason Zakrajsek says:

    I would downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 10 because I also want jailbreak iOS 10. Without Cydia iOS 10 I don’t want to use my iPhone any more. Please update download links as soon as PanGu release their free untethered tool.

  8. Gabriel Anaya says:

    I don’t want to see my iPhone without Cydia tweaks whether it’s on iOS 10 or iOS 10, I just need jailbroken iPhone and that’s my final decision.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is iOS 10 jailbreak out? Please give me download link for iPhone 6S.

  10. T. Allen says:

    Are you sure about the PanGu jailbreak 10??? I’d purchase iPhone 7 and once I got opportunity to jailbreak iOS 10 or iOS 10, I’d definitely go with Cydia.

    I love you.

  11. ljethro93 says:

    I have great expectations from Luca rather than PanGu and Luca has proved that he is able to jailbreak iOS 10 as well as iOS 10 also. Now another question is why PanGu and TaiG can’t jailbreak when Luca can. I think Luca is focusing on each and every firmware and since he got working exploits and not releasing jailbreak, he is able to use same exploits for each and every new firmware. He may come with iOS 10 jailbreak too in the future.

    Hoping to see his public release rather than just teasing.

    • Eni says:

      I agreed with you. Have you noticed that PanGu has tried it’s best and trying to release iOS 9.2.1, iOS 10 jailbreak but at the last minute Apple patched those exploits in the final version.

      I think users have forget about Cydia and it’s tweaks. I hope we see jailbreak for iOS 10 that attract new users and increase the area of jbreak.

      • Lucy says:

        iOS 9.2.1 is past and PanGu also working on iOS 10 firmware and I’m expecting a very bright future for this firmware. I just recommend these teams to ask price for each jb device. This would inspire them to work further.

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