WhatsAPP Plus For iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini is Out for iOS 9

WhatsAPP Plus For iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini is Out for iOS 9

WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone and iPad was updated earlier today with the support of newer firmware. WhatsAPP ++ is available on Cydia store for download, users can install on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Today, the most requested Cydia tweak known as WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone is updated to iOS 11.1.2 and older firmware with couple of bug fixes and improvements in features.

UnlimApps Inc., the developer of the tweak, was too happy to announce the update for iPhone 6 Plus. The iPad Air, iPad Mini users also try, if they are using WhatsAPP some way.

We would like to add one note here that the feature called WhatsAPP Clone is missing from this version too. The developer has promised to add cloning feature in 1.6 or newer.

WhatsAPP Plus features are listed below…

  1. Disable Last Seen
  2. Disable or Enable Read Receipt per Contact or whole
  3. Enable or Disable Delivery Receipt per contact or whole
  4. Change theme using WhatsAPP Plus feature
  5. User can change text color now in WhatsAPP ++
  6. Use full Profile Picture
  7. Send Unlimited media including music too

We’ve listed only top features and there are many other features that would catch your attention. WhatsAPP Plus is ultimate Cydia tweak for WhatsAPP.

You can upgrade older version, if you’ve purchased it before or just search “WhatsAPP ++” on BigBoss repo and install it.

You can test their beta programs by adding and installing new beta upgrades…


If you’re using WhatsAPP ++ or older WhatsAPP Plus for iPhone app, then share your comments or queries…

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