IntelliScreenX iOS 11.1.2: The Best Notification Center Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

IntelliScreenX iOS 11.1.2: The Best Notification Center Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

IntelliScreenX is one of the best lock screen and notification center Cydia tweaks. It brings a bunch of new features to jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

So, you have iPhone or iPad and wanna get something excited features for lockscreen and notification center, right? IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak does all your job and satisfies you. But, but you need jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to run this awesome Cydia tweak.

IntelliScreen X is developed to bring some most important task quickly on the dash. Once IntelliScreenX iOS 9 is installed on your iPhone, you would have control all over on lockscreen stuff, notification center and a lot more.

IntelliScreenX┬áis available on ModMyi repository along with Intelliborn repo source. If you’ve older iDevices, it would cost you $4.99 with the update and if you’ve iOS 11.1.2 or any newer jailbreak iOS device, then it would cost you $7.99 with the lifetime update.

But believe me, you would disappoint with the performance of the tweak. IntelliScreenX is the tweak why people jailbreak and this is really true. It is so powerful that everybody install it on their iPhone and iPad. Email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook and all the essential updates would be available right from your lock screen or notification center.

It has a special feature that I love is, left bar slider. When you swipe down from top left corner to down, a left bar slider would come down with the apps, you can add your favorite apps to it.

The apps would auto arrange itself based on your usage. It means the top usage app would come up and vise versa. It doesn’t any any icon, however, user can configure IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak from

Which thing do you like in IntelliScreenX? Share your thoughts…

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  1. IntelliScreenX iOS 10 Repo Source
    Its available on many Free repo source such as xSellize, BiteYourApple and HackYouriPhone, the main thing is updated version. Most of these repository have older version of IntelliScreenX iPhone tweak.
    So, better to purchase it one time with lifetime free updates. Why look for Free apps that break your iPhone or iPad for some cents.
    i would recommend all the users to purchase and use IntelliScreenX using IntelliBorn repo source.

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