Download vShare iOS 11.1.2 and Install Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

Download vShare iOS 11.1.2 and Install Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

vShare is the best alternative to InstallOus, AppulOus, AppTrackr, iPAStore and HackulOus. Its jailbreak app store that allows jailbreak users to install tweaks, hacks and Free apps.

But very few users aware of, vShare also works without jailbreak. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, you can go to their website and choose installer that works without jailbreak, that’s it.

We found that we can install various top free apps using vShare without jailbreak such as Playbox and MovieBox iOS 9. So, if you haven’t jailbroken device, you can simply head to their web portal and install compatible vShare app on your device.

How to Install vShare Without Jailbreak

Suppose, you’ve iPhone 6 or iPad Mini 3 or any new device that runs on iOS 11.1.2 or any newer operating system and missing jailbreak app store such as vShare, you’ve various options to download vShare and install it even without jailbreak.

Note: without jailbreak, vShare won’t install Free apps or tweaks. You can still able to install free apps using v Share.

  1. The developer of vShare has developed two separate app stores for iOS devices. One works on jailbreak devices while another works without jailbreak. To install compatible version, head to It would asked to choose one installer based on your device. If you’ve jailbreak, you can choose that version otherwise vShare installer that works without jailbreak is available there too.
  2. You can download vShare deb file for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and install it without jailbreak using iFunBox or iTools. In this method, you need to download vShare installer from AppVV website and using iFunBox, you can install it.

Remember: If you’ve non jailbreak device, you can still install MovieBox iOS 9 without jailbreak. There are numerous other apps to which are listed on the app store, you can choose them or search your own app to install without jailbreak.

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  1. Ryan Miller says:

    I got to know that Playbox can also be installed without jailbreak which is alternative to movie box. Please help me to install one of those two jailbreak apps

  2. Aaron Boyd says:

    Can we install moviebox without jailbreak!!!

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