How to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia

ModMyi repository is one of the best and must have Cydia Sources to download a lot themes, apps, tweaks and games on your jailbroken iOS device.

When you jailbreak your iOS, it comes as a default repo with Cydia. We have encountered many cases, especially with jailbreakme, redsnOw and other jailbreak tools, where ModMyi is not listed in the default source list. In such a way, you can easily modify default repository list.

Modify Cydia Sources: If you are getting any error installing repository or missing any default source, you can easily modify them. You don’t need to re-jailbreak your iOS for that.

I Can’t Add Repository to Cydia

Suppose, if you are getting error installing ModMyi repo to source list, you should read this tutorial word by word. I have mentioned all the possible way to add ModMyi into your repo list.

1 1st Method: If you haven’t tried to add this repo in your repository list, I would recommend to try this method first. Suppose, if you got error using this method, skip this step and follow second one. Here you have to manually enter ModMyi repo address that has been provided by ModMyi itself.

  1. Launch Cydia application.
  2. Tap on Manage, Now tap on Sources.
  3. You can add custom sources to the repo list here. Tap on Add button from the top left corner to add repo.
  4. Type below repository address in the box and add it. or

2 2nd Method: Many users add sources successfully using above method, however, if you are getting error saying, this repo not found or any other error, you can try this step. In the method, we will try to install ModMyi repository from Saurik’s, a developer of Cydia, repository.

  1. Open Cydia application and tap on Manage.
  2. Tap and “Sources” and click on “Telesphoreo Tangelo” repo (This is the repository that is developed by Saurik).
  3. Now scroll down until “M” letter comes. You will see ModMyi repository listed there. Tap on it.
  4. Tap on Install button to add it.

3 3rd Method: Somehow, all above method do not working on your case, you can finally add repo list manually using SSH program. On average, this is difficult method, you need OpenSSH program and other applications to edit default repo sources. However, if both of above method do not work, you can apply this one.

  • Open Cydia and Search for OpenSSH and install it.
  • Now create a text file on your computer and save it with the name of “” as a text file (notepad file). Add below content into text file.

# do not edit this file to add your own custom sources
# this file is subject to be upgraded as part of a package
# either add your own .list file to /etc/apt/sources.list.d
# or add your entry to the global /etc/apt/sources.list file

deb stable main

  • Now put this text file into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using SSH program in the root->private->etc->apt and add above text file in sources.list.d directory.

Note: If you don’t wanna use OpenSSH and SSH program, you can still do all the things right from your iPhone or iPad. Install iFile from Cydia and create text file with the above content with the same ModMyi file name and add that file using iFile to above mentioned directory.

Warning: I would recommend that you take Cydia Backup before following 3rd Method into effect. 3rd method can damage your source list, if you will make any mistake.


If you have added a lot of repositories in the source list, it could be one the sure shot reason for errors. Try to remove repositories that you are not using at all from source list and your error will be disappeared.

Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of

If you are getting above error while accessing ModMyi repo, you need to fix Cydia Sources to get rid of this error.


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  1. Hi all. I have iPhone 6s with 10.3.3 version and I have cydia but still Manage option is disabled. Plz tell me how to hide clock in lock screen plz.

    What’s app me +91 9841882051

  2. Hi all. I have iPhone 6s with 10.3.3 version and I have cydia but still Manage option is disabled. Plz tell me how to hide clock in lock screen plz.

    What’s app me +91 9841882051

  3. HELP NOTHING ANYONE IS SAYING IS WORKING!! I try to install it in every single way possible and every time it keeps saying that it is no longer signed. WHAT DO I DO

  4. ok so i fond the problem in my case, im on a jailbroken iphone 5s, i had a few sources installed, hackyouriphone, insanelyi, sinfuliphone, and the bitesms source. i removed hackyouriphone and was able to add modmyi. i dont know if it was a tweak, mod or Free app or the entire repo itself that was broken but at least i can isolate the problem

        1. Look, HackYouriPhone repo is the most active repository to get full version Cydia tweaks which are paid for free. ModMyi apps are also useful, but you would never purchase or install free one from them, because all the updated full version can be installed from HYI or BYA repo source.
          I hope this would clear your doubt

  5. I had added about 8 repos to the Cydia list of sources and was getting error, thanks to Edward, I removed a few of them and now my it is working without having single issue.

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