Phenomenon iOS 11.1.2: The Best App Switcher Cydia Tweak for iPhone, iPad

Phenomenon Cydia Tweak replaces iPhone App Switcher…

In general usage and features are just okay with iOS 11.1.2 app switcher, and the best one with night mode shift and control center toggles in it.

However, IOS 11.1.2 control center and app switcher still misses couple of things. Phenomenon tweak can replace default app switcher and brings new features for iPhone and iPad.

I’ve found that users love App Switcher in the control center and this has been proved a lot of times with Tage, Auxo LE and many other Control center Cydia Tweaks. Phenomenon does exactly same thing in different view.

Phenomenon is developed to work with 3D Touch and Activator. So, if you don’t have 3D Touch on your device, you can do all the function with activator Cydia tweak.

But I found some features in the setting menu which are not so useful and consume a lot of battery life. I think jailbreak tweak should be developed with battery optimization. If you activate Phenomenon vibrate feature, it drains your battery too fast.

It offers couple of below features…

  1. User can easily disable or enable main app switcher or 3D Touch App Switcher. If you don’t have 3D Touch enabled device, you can disable this feature.
  2. However, non 3D Touch device user can still access all the features with Activator Cydia tweak.
  3. Phenomenon Cydia tweak has two option for Control center User interface. You can use smaller CC or normal Control center.
  4. There are couple of vibrating options available. I recommend to disable them to prevent battery draining.

So, if you’ve made your mind to download Phenomenon Cydia tweak, you need to purchase it from BigBoss Cydia source.

You can ask more details about Phenomenon iOS 11.1.2 tweak via comment section…

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  1. Oliver says:

    I’m not gonna install Phenomenon tweak because I’ve taig to try and it also contains the same features. Why I look at another tweak which is paid one? My tweak offer three day trial and this one is paid so I’d have to purchase in order to try it.

    • Pankti Desai says:

      Then you should try Auxo which is also free for the users who installed it previously. So, you won’t need Phenomenon Cydia tweak.

    • Pankti Desai says:

      There is other combine Cydia tweaks available such as Auxo LE and TaiG. Both works together with Control center and App switcher. So, why you’re forcing us to install Phenomenon?

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