iOS 11.1.2 Without Jailbreak: vShare, Kuaiyong, AppAddict and MovieBox iOS 10

vShare, AppAddict, MovieBox and Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2

vShare and other apps only work on jailbreak device, however, we’ve found a way to install MovieBox, vShare and other useful jailbreak app stores without jailbreak on iOS 11.1.2. Take a look closer…

Apple has announced brand new firmware iOS 11.1.2 to the world of iPhone lovers. iOS 11.1.2 is released for the developers and the iOS 11.1.2 may come next month when Apple would release iOS 11.1.2 beta 2 for developers. iOS 11.1.2 beta 1 is available for developers now.

There are couple of app developers and public users who have registered their device for installing beta program, they’ve iOS 11.1.2 installed. We just installed couple of great apps on iOS 11.1.2 and wanna share that trick that let you know how to download and install vShare, MovieBox, Kuaiyong and AppAddict on your iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak.

Note: You can’t install AppCake, 25PP or iFile without jailbreak. Only vShare, GBA4iOS, MovieBox, Kuaiyong and AppAddict can be installed without jailbreak on iOS 11.1.2 or iOS 11.1.2.

vShare iOS 11.1.2: This is the easiest app to install without jailbreak on iOS 9.3. Yeah, the developer, AppVV has developed separate two versions for this app. vShare works on jailbreak device to install Free apps and it can work without jailbreak but the app won’t install Free apps. Just head your Safari browser to and follow on screen instructions. vShare iOS 11.1.2 would be installed. This method works on iOS 11.1.2 too.

MovieBox iOS 9.3: To install Movie Box, ShowBox or Play Box iOS 11.1.2 to your iPhone without jailbreak, you need to install vShare. You can follow above mentioned step to download vShare iOS 11.1.2 and install on your iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve installed vShare, you need to browse their app store for MovieBox or Playbox whatever you wanted to install. Lastly, I found PlayBox and MovieBox app on vShare that can be installed without jailbreak. I tried both of them without an issue on non-jailbreak device.

Kuaiyong and AppAddict: Kuaiyong is available for free on Chinese website and is Chinese language app. Yeah, there isn’t any English version available, but yeah you can install app translation tweak that works only on jailbroken device. Forget about it. You can install Kuaiyong and follow some simple steps to install hundreds of free app. You just need to download ifunbox iOS 11.1.2 and search their database for the latest version of Kuaiyong iOS 11.1.2.

The same trick works on AppAddict iOS 9. I haven’t tried AppAddict on non-jailbreak device, but as Kuaiyong, AppAddict would also work on iOS 11.1.2 without jailbreak. You just need to download and install iFunBox or iTools on your Windows. I would recommend iFunBox to install because it is available for Mac and Windows both and for free.

If you’ve any issue or query, you can shoot a comment to our comment editors and they’d help you further.

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    need vShare iOS 10 and of course moviebox iOS 10 as well
    can be install movie box app without jailbreak?

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