Cydia Installer iOS 11/11.1: Updated for the Kill, Installs jailbreak Apps

Cydia iOS 11.1: The next major update coming for iPhone…

Users having iPhone always look for jailbreak. Cydia isn’t a strange name for them if they know the benefits of different functions and features available on the store tweaks.

The most awaited future update is Cydia iOS 11.1.2 which may come within two months. However, we’re expecting some more new jbreak updates for iOS 11 meanwhile.

Nowadays, users love to have unique Cydia tweaks iOS on their iPhone. We’ve conducted a survey where thousands of users installing Winterboard, Springtomize and Activator jailbreak apps.

Surprisingly, even after having night mode on iPhone using Night Mode Shift, users adopting Eclipse and other night mode Cydia themes for their iPad and iPhone. While other users prefer Flex or other tweaks that bring low light night mode.

If you’ve iOS 11, there is some good news for you because Saurik has enabled Cydia purchases on the new update. It means, now you can purchase and install your favorite paid tweaks updated for iOS 11 jailbreak.

However, there is some waiting period for Cydia iOS 11.1.2 as well. I would advice to enjoy jailbreak iOS 11 meanwhile because iOS 11.1.2 is still in beta stage where jbreak isn’t possible and without it, you can’t expect Cydia installer.

You can download Cydia two ways on your iPhone if you’ve Yalu jailbreak. You can perform Luca’s jbreak on compatible iPhone and iPad devices and there you can install Cydia as well. The second option allows you to download Cydia IPA file indirectly on your iPhone and install separately to the jb.

While if you can’t live without Cydia and you’re on iOS 11.1, you can look for iNoCydia or many other such applications. But I don’t think that they bring complete environment for tweaks and apps that jb provides.

But again, avoid any purchase from unauthorized websites or blog if they offer to download or install Cydia as paid application because they may have virus. This jbreak app is completely free developed by Saurik and you shouldn’t look cheap malicious app from any website.

You can comment and ask us about any query related to Cydia iOS 11.1.


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