The Top 10 New Cydia Tweaks, Apps for iOS 11.1.2 Compatible with TaiG Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

The New Cydia Tweaks, Apps for iOS 11.1.2 Compatible with TaiG for iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

There have been couple of new Cydia tweaks released this week specially for iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak users. If you’ve jailbroken iOS 11.1.2 using TaiG, you can use these new tweaks.

Note: These tweaks are new and useful, but if you wanna get all your eggs in one bucket, then try our list of must have jailbreak apps that contains some of the all time best Cydia apps for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPhone.

50+ Best Jailbreak Apps, Game Hacks for iPhone, iPad

Without wasting time, we gonna list up those 10 new jailbreak apps below…

Heads Up Display Mode: It is uniquely developed jailbreak hack that extend your iPhone functionality. It simply turns your iPhone into navigation system while driving your car. Simply, activate Heads Up Display mode and it would show the mirror screen of your iPhone. You can enable maps and other things which would show up on your glass.

LockInfo iOS 9: Believe me, its better than IntelliScreenX iOS 9. You can add various widgets and app icons to the lock screen. This is the best newly updated Cydia tweak for the users who wanna access couple of apps quickly from lockScreen. Fully customization and easily available on jailbreak store.

CCButtonBorder: Ha ha, CCButtonBorder is completely what I was looking for my dark iPhone theme. It provides me extra intention to the control center items. The app icon borders would be highlighted with the animation just after enabling CCButtonBorder Cydia tweak. It is perfectly recommendable specially for them who wanna make their iPad or iPhone unique from others. There are two themes added to the jailbreak app.

ShareMusix Cydia Tweak: Do you’ve music files and wanna share them to your another iPhone or iPad? You can use ShareMusix iPhone app to share music using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. ShareMusix has numerous features which can be configured via Its new Cydia tweak, but has great power.

HiddenConvos: Do you’ve some messages, which you don’t wanna show to others or just wanna hide them? Using HiddenConvos Cydia tweak, you can just hide messages by swiping left on the message and just tap hide button. You can easily unhide them by taping on Edit button. I just love this tweak, because now I can hide whatever message, I don’t wanna show to my friends.

Below are other 5 best jailbreak apps compatible for iOS 9…

  1. SwitchManager
  2. Calypso iOS 9
  3. Lithium
  4. SpringboardOrganiser
  5. ArithmeticAlarm8

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